Michael Bluth is well versed in Maritime law.


  • John Beard mentions that many of Lucille's charges will fall under "the dominion of the little understood maritime law," and Michael mentions that he studied maritime law in law school. ("Flight of the Phoenix")
  • Lucille's trial is held inside a crab restaurant that must switch back to the restaurant for dinner time. ("Flight of the Phoenix")


Barry: They wanted me there at eight bells, you know I thought that was their 5 pm. By the time I got back the courtroom was reverted back to the crab restaurant.

Michael: Eight bells refers to a watch length. It's maritime law. You know, one bell is struck after thirty minutes, two bells after 60 minutes... ...that's why, at sea, a watch with no incidents is described as "eight bells and all is well."

Barry: Wow, maybe you should be the maritime lawyer.


 From "Flight of the Phoenix"
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