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"Marry me!" is a recurring quote usually said by Maeby Fünke when people grew suspicious of her young age.


  • Maeby says "marry me!" to many people while working underage at Tantamount Studios. ("Switch Hitter") ("Queen for a Day") One reader excitedly agrees, but she simply walks away. ("Meat the Veals")
  • Maeby flips it and says "babysit me!" to a guard at Balboa Towers. ("Meat the Veals")
  • Maeby accidentally tells Michael "marry me!" forgetting the boundaries of the misdirection. ("The Immaculate Election")
  • Michael says "Marry me" to Rita — and means it. ("Mr. F")
  • Michael says "marry me!" to Nellie when he learns how much money she makes as a prostitute. ("Family Ties")
  • G.O.B. says "marry me!" to Ann when she gives him personal space. She takes it literally, agrees, and within seconds G.O.B. is too far gone to take it back. ("Colony Collapse")
  • When Maeby orders a drink at a bar she attempts to use "marry me" instead of showing her ID.
  • When she is talking to Stan Sitwell at the Spotted Palm and is dressed as Annette she says: "Bury me!" ("Señoritis")


2x07 Switch Hitter (56)

Maeby says "marry me!" to Mort

Mort Meyers: Well, if you want to get it made, I’m the guy who has to see it. You’re the Fünke everyone’s talking about? What are you, like, 15?

Maeby: Marry me.

Mort Meyers: Everyone thinks I look young too. So, who you thinking about?


 From "Switch Hitter"
2x08 Queen for a Day (04)

Maeby says "marry me!" to Mort

Mort Meyers: Did you get the stack of scripts that I sent you? ’Cause you certainly look well-rested.

Maeby: Marry me.

Mort Meyers: Ha! I need your notes on those tomorrow. You want to have a drink?

Maeby: Yeah. Why don’t we ask your wife to come with us?

Mort Meyers: Okay, then, I’ll see you tomorrow.

Maeby: Okay.


 From "Queen for a Day"
2x14 The Immaculate Election (47)

Maeby says "marry me!" to Michael

Michael: Yeah. Why aren’t you in school right now?

Maeby: Marry me! ...I’m so sorry. I forgot who I was talking to.


 From "The Immaculate Election"
2x16 Meat the Veals (04)

Maeby says "marry me" to a reader

Executive: I’m sorry, I can’t read what you wrote on this buck slip. You got the handwriting of a 15-year-old.

Maeby: “15-year-old.” Marry me!

Jeff The Reader: Hey, I’m almost done with that coverage. I can bring it out to you tonight. Are you still at the Balboa Towers?

weeks earlier...

Narrator: Maeby had used her grandmother’s address so as to not arouse suspicion at home. This required convincing the guard she was several years younger than her age.

Mario: Boy, you get a lot of mail from that movie studio.

Maeby: I write a lot of letters to movie stars.

Mario: You seem a little old for that.

Maeby: Baby-sit me!

end flashback

Jeff The Reader: That place seems so old for you.

Maeby: I’ll send Dr. Epstein your compliments. And may I add, “marry me”?

Jeff The Reader: Okay!


 From "Meat the Veals"
3x05 Mr

Michael says "marry me!" to Rita

Rita: Good-bye, Michael. You know, I really did fancy you. I can’t stay here now.

Michael: Marry me!

Rita: What?

Michael: Let me marry you. You can get a green card, stay here, and we can see if this works. I know it sounds crazy, but... This will give us a chance to get away from both of our families and see if this works. Might be fun.


 From "Mr. F"
3x11 Family Ties (58)

Michael says "marry me!" to Nellie

Michael: Even if we’re not related, I think I would like for you to work here. You’re very, very good at it. What you do for a job is not really a great way to make a living, you know?

Nellie: I make 300 grand a year.

Michael: Marry me! ...It’s weird on so many levels.


 From "Family Ties"
4x07 Colony Collapse (038)

G.O.B. says "marry me!" to Ann

Ann: We had a great night together. I understand if you need your space.

G.O.B.: Oh, marry me!

Ann: Yes. Yes I'll marry you G.O.B.!

Narrator: Of course G.O.B. meant it in the showbizy way his niece had always used when she was accused of being too young. But like many evangelicals, Ann took it literally.

Ann: I'm getting married!


 From "Colony Collapse"

Maeby says "bury me!" to Stan Sitwell

Maeby: Anyway I guess that's why I can't make a relationship work. Does that upset you?

Stan Sitwell: Annette, it does, if you must know the truth, 'cause your dad was a damn fool. I see the real you: a special, wonderful, unique 67-year old woman who amazes me every day.

Narrator: And that's when Maeby realized what it was about Stan's behavior that was so confusing.

Stan Sitwell: It would be my pleasure to be the man in your life that your father never was.

Stan Sitwell: It was paternal, and, touched, all she could think of to say was...

Maeby: Bury me!


 From "Emotional Baggage"