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Mimi is Lucille Bluth's mother and Lindsay Bluth Fünke's biological mother.
Actor: Jean Smart — First Appearance: "Saving for Arraignment Day" — Last Appearance: "The Fallout"

Mimi is Lucille's mother and Lindsay Bluth Fünke's biological Mother. She was killed when Buster Bluth pushed her down the stairs, after mistakenly thinking she was going to take him away; as seen in the Making a Monster streaming series.

Character history[]


During the 1982 Mr. and Mrs. Bluth pageant at the beach house, the kids parade in their swimsuits in front of their parents. Gob is wearing Stan Sitwell's eyebrow for a fake Magnum P.I. mustache. Lucille's mother Mimi arrives. Mimi mentions Lindsay's upcoming birthday. Lindsay thinks she's turning 14, and Mimi humors her. Lucille says they haven't seen Mimi in five years. Mimi says that she started the family pageant tradition, and she offers a prize for the pageant.

Lucille and George have already bought the trophy for the prize; it's a little magician, meaning they already plan on Michael winning with his magic kit. Mimi's prize is to take a cruise with Lindsay. Lucille tells the kids to go get ready for the talent portion. Mimi usually takes cruises with Uncle Jack, but this year he dumped her for his 80th birthday. Lucille tells Mimi she can't take Lindsay on the cruise, but Mimi hints that Lindsay will be old enough soon to make her own decisions. She jokes that Lucille is making Buster a murderer and asks to be a judge in the pageant.

Lucille Bluth goes upstairs and sees Mimi trying to take Lindsay on the cruise anyway. Lucille makes Lindsay go back into her room, then fights with Mimi in the hallway. Mimi is Lindsay's real mother; she put her three year old up for adoption, then Lucille swooped in before the Sitwells could get her. Mimi says there's some kind of endowment, and Lucille wanted it so she could have a cottage on the beach.

Mimi says that Lindsay is about to turn 18 (but she thinks she's turning 14, and is really turning 17, so why are they doing math wrong?) and she wants to take her daughter back. Lucille continues fighting with Mimi, and Buster sees them. He misunderstands their words, thinking that Mimi is trying to steal Buster, not Lindsay, so he angrily pushes Mimi down the stairs.


During Buster's Trial, Michael finally views the videotape about Buster's hypnosis. The 1982 tape is narrated by Tobias, who is a "doctor-to-be" doing his doctoral research about memory suppression. Tobias interviews young Buster about pushing Mimi down the stairs. Tobias says what really happened is that Lucille pushed Mimi down the stairs, but they are going to tell the police that Buster pushed Mimi down the stairs so that Lucille won't go to jail. Buster is young, so the police won't punish him for killing Mimi. This is where Lucille gets Buster to memorize the line that nothing will happen to him, because he's just a boy.

Later, Michael just walks out of the court and Lucille follows him. Lucille asks what happened; Michael tells her that he found the videotape of Buster being hypnotized. She wanted him to find that tape and wanted him to discredit her on the witness stand, but instead he screwed it all up.

Lucille says the truth is Buster did push Mimi down the stairs, but the hypnosis was meant to implant a false memory in Buster so that he wouldn't think he was a killer. Instead he'd think he was a hero, saving his mom from jail.


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