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Mitchell "Mitch" Hurwitz (born May 29, 1963) is the creator of Arrested Development. He served as Executive Producer and wrote 20 episodes. He also co-directed every episode of Season Four with Troy Miller.


Mitchell was born in 1963 in Anaheim, California. He graduated from Estancia High School in Costa Mesa, CA, and from Georgetown University in 1985 with a double major in English and Theology. Mitchell was married to Mary Jo Keenan in 1999 and the two have two daughters.

In the late '80s Hurwitz moved in Hollywood and began working as a writer and producer in sitcoms. Among other shows, he wrote 9 episodes and produced 24 episodes of The Golden Girls, worked as executive producer and writer on both The John Larroquette Show and The Ellen Show and worked as consulting producer of Less Than Perfect. In 2002 Mitch was asked by Ron Howard to develop a sitcom about a disfunctional family and Arrested Development was the result.

Since the series' cancelation Mitch went on to write and produce Sit Down, Shut Up, Running Wilde, as well as producing a handful of other shows. He was involved in the series resurrection of Arrested and was a executive producer and writer of Season Four. He is currently in the process of preparing an Arrested Development fifth season or a movie. He is also working with Netflix on potential other series, and has signed a multi-year exclusivity deal resulting in the comedy series Lady Dynamite.[1]

The Boston Chipyard[]

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The Boston Chipyard is a cookie stand started by Arrested Development creator and showrunner Mitch Hurwitz that served as inspiration for the banana stand. The stand was opened by Mitch and his older brother Michael in the summer of 1976. The business is still around today, operating in Boston.


For Arrested Development[]

  • 2004
    • Won "Outstanding Comedy Series" Emmy
    • Won "Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series" Emmy
    • Won TV Guide Channel's Future Classic Award
  • 2005
    • Won "Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series" Emmy
    • Nominated for "Outstanding Comedy Series" Emmy
    • Won Writers Guild of America Award
    • Won Golden Nymph award at Monte-Carlo TV Festival

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