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Moses Taylor

Moses Taylor is an actor known for his role of Frank Wrench on Wrench
Actor: Rob Corddry — First Appearance: "Burning Love" — Last Appearance: "The Immaculate Election"

Moses Taylor is an actor (in the Arrested Development universe) who plays Frank Wrench. His name is a reference to Charlton Heston, an actor and gun rights advocate who played Moses in The Ten Commandments and George Taylor in Planet of the Apes.

Character history[]

Season two[]

2x09 Burning Love (13)

Moses Taylor in "Burning Love"

Moses Taylor, an American actor and gun rights advocate, catches the eye of Lindsay Bluth Fünke who is exploring an open relationship with Tobias. She flirts with him at a gun right rally and later meets up wearing a fur coat. Mistaking her for a wild wolf, Tobias accidentally shoots her with a tranquilizer gun. Moses, trying to escape the "Moses Taylor hunts people" rumor published by the British Sun Times dumps the unconscious Lindsay on a bus bench. ("Burning Love")

When Tobias is living on the Tantamount Studios studio lot, he sleeps on the Wrench set and uses the restroom, which appalls Moses. ("Out on a Limb")


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