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Appearances: "Motherboy XXX"

Motherboy is an annual mother-son dinner and dance event. Lucille and Buster have participated in it for many years. It is not to be confused with the '70s rock band Motherboy. The Motherboy theme song appears at the end of the episode "Motherboy XXX."


2x13 Motherboy XXX (79)

Season two[]

At the thirtieth Motherboy gala Lucille took George Michael because she was afraid to be seen with Buster since he lost his left hand. Michael and Buster then snuck into the event to rescue George Michael. Caught in the act, Buster and Lucille made up and went on to win "saddest couple". ("Motherboy XXX")

4x14 Off the Hook (055)

Season Four[]

Buster sold the jewels he got on his hook and his motherboy trophies to raise money to find a new place to live. At the pawn shop, he saw an Army sign which made him think he could impress her by joining Army. ("Off the Hook")


Together we will finally be

You and me, mother and boy

Hanging free, oh woe is me

Alone but for the loveliest girl in the world: mother

Upon her knee

So fine to be

Mother and boy


 From "At Long Last... Music and Songs from Arrested Development"

Motherboy Awards[]