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Mrs. Veal is Ann Veal's mother
Actor: Ione Skye — First Appearance: "Meat the Veals" — Last Appearance: "Chain Migration"

Mrs. Veal is Ann Veal's mother, and wife to Pastor Terry Veal. Mrs. Veal and Terry became "serious" when they were both in high school and shortly after got married.

Character history[]

Season Two[]

2x16 Meat the Veals (54)

Michael and Mrs. Veal in "Meat the Veals"

When George Michael was thinking of getting pre-engaged to Ann Michael suggested he take things slower and that he meet her family. After meeting Pastor Terry Veal and the beautiful Mrs. Veal (who was so pretty he didn't believe she was Ann's biological mother) Michael suggested the Veal family should meet the Bluth family. Secretly, he hoped the assumable train-wreck of a party would force the Veals to disallow Ann to socialize with George Michael. However, Lucille and G.O.B. were somehow on their best behavior so his plan didn't work.

Mrs. Veal mistook Michael's compliments as flirtation and she tried to make out with him on the balcony of Balboa Towers. She was grinding him and considered it "making love" and pleaded for Michael to teach her the ways of the "secular flesh". He rejected her advances, but Tobias saw and blabbed to George Michael. At the Church of the Good Shepherd Terry fought Michael for his wife's honour. ("Meat the Veals")

Season Four[]

Mrs Veal attends her daughter's wedding to GOB at the Church of Holy Eternal Rapture, which her husband officiates. She also witnesses GOB's Amazing Jesus illusion.

Season Five[]

Gob goes to the Christian conversion clinic, and Mrs. Veal has him sign some paperwork. He's attracted to her and leaves so that the therapy won't work on him.


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