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Murphy Brown Fünke

Murphy Brown Fünke is the son of Tobias Fünke
Actor: Kyle Mooney — First Appearance: "Everyone Gets Atrophy" — Last Appearance: "The Fallout"

Murphy Brown "Murph" Fünke is the son of Tobias Fünke, aspiring veterinarian, and extremely reluctant actor.

Character history[]

Season five[]

Murph is with the Bluth family in Lucille Austero's penthouse recording videos for Lindsay's Congress Campaign. He is dressed as Buster but is very reluctant to act despite Tobias's prodding. He and Tobias try to act together, portraying many members of the Bluth family. He portrays Michael and Lucille 2. In "Sinking Feelings" Tobias says he is his son. In "Emotional Baggage" the two go to Mexico, where Murphy Brown sees an armadillo and works for Ma Bark, who offers to buy him, but Tobias refuses. Father and son come back to Newport Beach for the parade, along with DeBrie. In "Premature Independence" Murphy Brown dresses as a clown and gets hurt. He ends up at the hospital.

Original Actor[]

Murphy Brown was orginally going to be played by Somali actor, Barkhad Abdi, as seen in a few behind the scenes photos. The reason why he wasn't cast is currently unknown, however if Barkhad was cast to play Murph it would have meant that Tobias was indeed, a black man.


Barkhad Abdi in Everyone Gets Atrophy


Barkhad in An Old Start


  • Murphy Brown is named after the 1980's-'90s sitcom Murphy Brown starring Candice Bergen as an investigative journalist and news anchor.


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