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Never Nude is a syndrome which Tobias Fünke suffers from which renders him unable to be naked, even in solitude. He copes by wearing tight jean cutoffs under his clothes. It is not recognized by the DSM-IV. Annual conferences are held for those affected.

Phillip Litt also suffers from this condition, and George Michael flirts with the idea.


   Michael Bluth: Is that exactly what it sounds like? ("In God We Trust")


1x02 Never Nude Shower

Tobias suffers as a Never Nude in "Top Banana"

1x07 In God We Trust (28)

A Never Nude Tobias in "In God We Trust"

1x12 Marta Complex (23)

"Never Nude" is not referenced to in the DSM-IV, as noted in "Marta Complex".

Season One[]

  • Tobias is first seen wearing jean cutoffs in the shower in "Top Banana", and again in the following episode "Bringing Up Buster".
  • Lindsay rips Tobias' towel off in "Visiting Ours", the first acknowledgement of Tobias' condition.
  • The affliction is named and described in "In God We Trust". Tobias assumes George Michael is a Never Nude based on his refusal to take off the Adam outfit from the Living Classics Pageant, and tries to get him to accept himself for his affliction.
  • In "Storming the Castle" Tobias wears leather chaps with his cutoffs visible.
  • In "Marta Complex" Tobias is seen unpacking his cutoffs. He also auditions for the role of Frightened Inmate #2 and is horrified when he finds out the role will take place in the nude.
  • In "Beef Consommé" Tobias argues with Lindsay about his Never Nudity and how he will be unable to perform as Frightened Inmate #2. She helps him overcome his fear and he overcompensates by walking around naked.

Season Two[]

2x17 Spring Breakout (67)

Tobias and Litt in "Spring Breakout"

Season Three []

  • In "Mr. F" Tobias is exhausted from the time he has been spending at the gym with his friend, Frank. You can clearly see that Tobias is wearing cutoffs under his gym outfit.

Season Four[]

Season Five[]

  • In "Family Leave" Tobias goes swimming with his cutoffs on
  • In "Rom-Traum" and "Premature Independence" he wears the ostrich costume and his cutoffs are visible
  • In "Unexpected Company" Tobias' cutoffs can be seen under his hirt
  • In "Courting Disasters" Tobias says "Nobody wants to be naked underwear, so one adds another layer of protection. It doesn't have to be denim per se, but everybody wants to hide their privates from something."