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New Warden

New Warden
Appearances: "Staff Infection", "Prison Break-In"

Child inmate: Anything can happen when two people share a cell, cuz.  

 From "Prison Break-In"

New Warden is a screenplay written by Warden Stefan Gentles. It follows a simple revenge plot, closely mimicking George Bluth's escape from Orange County Prison.

The writing[]

1x15 Staff Infection (32)

The first draft of New Warden, as seen in "Staff Infection"

The first draft of the script was given to Tobias to give to Carl Weathers by Warden Gentiles when Tobias checked into Orange County Prison to research the roll of Frightened Inmate #2. It is unknown if it ever reached Mr. Weathers. ("Staff Infection")

Warden Gentiles rewrote it after George fooled him by having Oscar captured and sent to prison. Warden Gentiles missed a promotion and rewrote the script. ("Prison Break-In")

The story[]

In the script the warden (surprisingly similar to Gentiles) is fooled by an escaped inmate (surprisingly similar to George Bluth) who imprisons the inmates twin brother by mistake. The warden sets out for revenge, seducing the inmates wife (surprisingly similar to Lucille Bluth) and giving her chlamydia.

An earlier draft of the script had the warden giving the wife crabs. Lucille told Gentiles that chlamydia was a much better venereal disease to use as revenge.

A stage reading of the screenplay by some elementary school children was "very well received." Gentiles pitched the movie to Maeby Fünke of Tantamount Studios, who didn't bite.



Warden Gentiles: I think you will find the dessert both engrossing and high grossing.  

 From "Prison Break-In"

Boy Gentiles: I understand you’ve been causing problems.

African-American Boy Inmate: Nobody sells any coke in this pen without daddy getting a taste.

Boy Gentiles: Beat him with a pillow case full of batteries.  

 From "Prison Break-In"

Girl Lucille: You were just using me to get even with the man who broke out of your prison?

Boy Gentiles: That escape cost me my promotion. And you’ll pay for the loss of $2,300 a year.

Girl Lucille: But you gave me presents. We made love.

Boy Gentiles: I’ve given you one last present. Enjoy the chlamydia, Lucille. (Laughs.) Take this newly-diseased woman to the hole. (Laughs.)  

 From "Prison Break-In"