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Not Without My Daughter

"Not Without My Daughter"
Directors: Lee Shallat-Chemel — Writer: Mitchell Hurwitz & Richard Rosenstock — Aired: April 25, 2004 — Icon-image      

"Not Without My Daughter" is the twenty-first episode of Arrested Development's first season.

Michael takes Maeby to work with him on Bring Your Daughter To Work Day. After being slighted by Michael, Tobias, George Michael and G.O.B. all go to the mall to prove that they are just manly. Oscar takes Lucille and Buster to Annyong's soccer game.


At the police station[]

On the morning of the dreaded Bring Your Daughter To Work Day, Michael decides to give Maeby a good role model and bring her to the Bluth Company offices for a chance, dodging the bullet of bringing George Michael. At work, Maeby whines about being bored and Michael offers her a $50 bet that she can't go the entire day without lying. She accepts but makes him take the bet as well. Michael is then immediately questioned by Officer Taylor and Carter about Kitty's recent disappearance. Michael denies any knowledge, other than the fact that he threatened her. He then sees a tape of Kitty boarding the ill-fated Lucille yacht on a Girls with Low Self-Esteem tape.

1x21 Not Without My Daughter (64)

Michael and Barry

Michael then heads to the police station to submit to Detective Fellows' questions. He lies, with Barry as his council. Leaving Maeby at the police station, Michael heads off to help George Michael but returns when he realizes that Maeby, on the hunt for $50, will tell the police the truth about Kitty. Arriving at the police station Detective Fellows thanks Maeby for being truthful and tells them they are free to go. Outside, Maeby tells Michael that she found Kitty hiding in a back office and that the police were trying to frighten Michael into testifying against his father.

At the mall[]

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G.O.B. and George Michael shoplift

Rather than admit to her family that she got a job as a shopgirl, Lindsay told her brothers that she stole her outfits. G.O.B. was jealous that she could pull off the feat so he decided to use George Michael as a distraction as he stole from the mall. Tobias, meanwhile, decided to get a job as a security officer to impress Maeby.

After buying $13 worth of mice, G.O.B. tossed them in the air as he began shoving shirts down George Michael's jacket. Lindsay, on the phone with Michael, shouted "I'm shoplifting!". Tobias tackled her with his cat-like agility. George Michael and G.O.B. were caught by the security guard's daughter. At the security office Lindsay revealed her job to the shock of her family. Tobias was later fired for trying to kill the mouse with his issued handgun.

1x21 Not Without My Daughter (68)

Buster scores a goal

On the soccer field[]

To spite Buster, Lucille allowed Annyong to join a soccer team. She asked Michael to attend a game as her date but he refused. She then turned to Oscar, who attempted to fondle and kiss her in the bleachers. Buster decided to tell him off and make him leave Lucille's life. When Buster was mocked by the soccer players for being fat, he barged onto the field and scored a goal, injuring many of the children. Oscar was the only one clapping, and Buster realized he may have frightened off the only person who supported him.


1x21 Not Without My Daughter (44)
1x21 Not Without My Daughter (23)
1x21 Not Without My Daughter (63)
1x21 Not Without My Daughter (65)
  • Jonathan Penner as Detective Fellows
  • Kevin McDonald as Detective Streudler
  • Regi Davis as Guard
  • Christian Lavery as Young George Michael
  • Mia A. Nunez as Guard's daughter
  • Danielle Cipolla as Young Maeby
  • Jordan Claire-Green as Supervisor's daughter
  • John Ennis as Supervisor
  • Paul Makkos as Patient
  • Cara Auerbach as Charlotte

Recurring themes[]

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1x21 Not Without My Daughter (26)
1x21 Not Without My Daughter (50)
1x21 Not Without My Daughter (36)
1x21 Not Without My Daughter (05)


  • Not Without My Daughter - This episode shares a title with the book and the 1991 movie, though there are no other connections.

Callbacks/Running Jokes[]

  • Barry's sexuality - Barry shows up at the Bluth Company office, with a young woman in tow. When confronted about the woman being his daughter (as it is Take your Daughter to Work Day), he denies this is the case, only to have the woman proclaim that he wanted her to call him "Daddy". He hands her keys, telling her to "wait for Daddy in the car".
  • Bluth Company Board/Coworkers are Incompetent - One of the employees brings a tape of his daughter showing her breasts on the Girls with Low Self Esteem video series to the company's Bring Your Daughter to Work Day.
  • Catlike agility - The guard that tackles Lindsay, Tobias, is described as "surprisingly cat-like."
  • David Cassidy – Oscar is seen wearing a "David Cassidy Live!" jacket. In "Whistler's Mother", Oscar says he wrote a song, "All You Need Is Smiles," that David Cassidy was supposed to sing on The Mike Douglas Show.
  • Girls With Low Self-Esteem - When M. Sabino's daughter enforces the "No touching rule", Sabino tells the Bluths that his daughters self-esteem is "through the roof".
  • "Hey" - Buster greets Oscar by saying, "Hey, uncle."
  • M. Sabino - The African-American guard has a uniform labeled “M. Sabino.”
  • Michael the Murderer - Michael references not killing Kitty and dropping her in a back bay, which prompt a police officer to request a search of back bays.
  • "No touching!" - M. Sabino's daughter yells out "No touching" and slams a baton down on table, enforcing the prison's strict "No touching rule," first mentioned "Top Banana".
  • Is Tobias gay?
    • Watching the girls from Girls With Low Self-Esteem tape, Michael asks Tobias, “Is this what you want?” referring to Maeby potentially appearing on the tape. However, Tobias responds that he is not interested in the girls, before adding that he would not want it for Maeby, either.
    • He refers to getting a job as a security guard as "butch."

Hidden/Background Jokes[]

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1x21 Not Without My Daughter (75)
  • Dr. Fünke's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution - A photograph of the group can be seen on Tobias’s desk in a flashback.
  • Canadians - While bringing the mice to the mall, George-Michael says to G.O.B. "You know, say what you will about America. 13 bucks still gets you a hell of a lot of mice!" to which G.O.B. replies "Who said anything bad about America?" Actors Michael Cera and Will Arnett are Canadians.
  • When Michael shows up to the mall after G.O.B. and George Michael have been caught shoplifting, George Michael discredits G.O.B.'s skills as a magician by proclaiming "And you got caught by a 13-year-old girl." He then looks over at the girl and both share a moment chuckling. Soon after, he says to his father "It's not like you were there to spend any time with me, Dad. Because I'm not daughter enough for you." He immediately looks over to the girl, who slowly looks away and is now suddenly disinterested in George Michael, questioning his manliness. George Michael can be heard saying "Oh" upon realizing he has ruined his chances.
  • Tobias is wearing red slippers, which calls back to when he was dubbed "Dororthy" in "Missing Kitty "

Foreshadowing/Future References[]

1x21 Not Without My Daughter (62)
  • Oscar is Buster's father - Oscar massages Buster's shoulders the same way Buster did to various other characters at the start of Season 1. The narrator also comments that Oscar had supported Buster just like Buster had always wanted his father to.


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1x21 Not Without My Daughter (20)

Kitty, in a flashback from "Missing Kitty"

1x21 Not Without My Daughter (80)

Maeby discovers Kitty, who does not actually appear in the episode.

  • Although this episode doesn't take place chronologically until several episodes later, several storylines in this episode directly relate to the events that took place in "Missing Kitty". However, the fact that Oscar appears in it suggests that the episode is not intended to be set directly afterwards (as Oscar wasn't introduced until the previous episode, "Whistler's Mother"). Enough time has passed for the Girls With Low Self-Esteem filmed in that episode to be released.
  • Although this episode heavily centers around the character of Kitty, she does not actually appear in this episode (with the exception of flashbacks, and the Girls With Low Self Esteem video, which is actually just footage from "Missing Kitty").
  • This episode guest stars several of David Cross' fellow Mr. Show alumni, including Jay Johnston, Jerry Minor, and John Ennis.
  • Former Kids in the Hall star Kevin McDonald plays a detective who gives Maeby the security code to the office.
  • This episode is rated TV-PG-DLSV.


1x21 Not Without My Daughter (84)
NWMD boom mic

Boom mic operator seen in the far right

1x21 Not Without My Daughter (83)
  • Officers Taylor and Carter are shown to have daughters, however, in Season Two's "Out on a Limb", we learn that they are a gay couple expecting a child from a female egg donor.
    • This "goof" may be explained in that the policemen possibly brought fake daughters in an attempt to conceal their respective homosexuality.
    • Also, there is no reason the baby in the later episode has to be their first child. It could be possible that they had children with female partners, and the child they tried to conceive in Season Two was their first attempt as a couple.
  • When Buster starts to run through the children on the soccer field, the soccer ball is left behind him, but it reappears at his feet later on.
  • When Michael is called to go to his mother's to act as her husband when going to Annyong's soccer game, he walks into the kitchen after talking to Annyong where a boom mic operator can be seen in the corner. (6:02 - time in episode)
  • In the "On the next" segment, Tobias is shown shooting his supervisor's revolver at mice on the floor. Muzzle flashes and the gunshot sound effects were added in post production as he mimed firing the gun during filming. There are four instances of him firing the weapon on screen, but only the first three have the muzzle flash. The fourth has only the sound effect.


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