On the next Arrested Development

On the next... Arrested Development

Almost every episode ends with an epilogue segment called "On the next... Arrested Development" in which lingering stories are wrapped up or extended humorously. These segments portray events that do not usually appear in the subsequent episodes, but remain part of the show's canon.

However, on some rare occasions (typically in the first half of a two-part episode), scenes from these portions are worked into the following episode; also, the segment occasionally shows a significant plot twist (e.g. Maggie Lizer's deception, Buster's accident, Steve Holt's discovery). The second episode of Season Three reversed this by having "Previously on..." featuring the resolution of the cliffhanger and nearly an entire episode of plot changes within thirty seconds.

The epilogue sometimes shows a several-second continuation of the previous scene, in comically direct opposition to the name of the sequence. Notably, the season 5 episode "An Old Start" does not include an epilogue at all.

The first and second season finales changed the segment to "On the next season of... Arrested Development" and in the third season finale it became "On the epilogue...".

Season One


George Michael gets a new roommate and Michael finds it difficult to get his father out of jail.”

"Top Banana"

G.O.B. protests the pet stores frozen-dove exchange policy, and Michael, realizing the banana stand is the only profitable part of the the Bluth Empire, decides to rebuild.”

"Bringing Up Buster"

Tobias gets a review of his Shakespeare play, and Buster is back where he belongs.”

"Key Decisions"

G.O.B. learns how he survived his stabbing, and Buster makes a bold move.”

"Visiting Ours"

Tobias talks Lindsay into another session, and George Sr. makes good on his promise to come clean on the international accounts.”

"Charity Drive"

Michael gets a lucky break when Helen makes the same mistake that he did, and G.O.B. kicks himself for a bad business decision.”

"My Mother, the Car"

George Michael and Maeby sneak back into Les Cousins Dangereux and Michael's insurance takes another hit.”

"Storming the Castle"

The Alliance decides to let G.O.B. back in, and Tobias gets some good news.”

"Public Relations"

G.O.B. holds a press conference of his own, and Buster moves to the kitchen.”

"Marta Complex"

"George Michael begins an investigation, Tobias faces his greatest acting challenge, and Buster rebounds from Lucille 2.”

"Beef Consommé"

Tobias quietly overcompensates.”

"Shock and Aww"

Buster's competition heats up.”

"Staff Infection"

"Tobias gets an insight into fear, and the employees find a new direction"

"Missing Kitty"

Lupe makes a startling discovery, and Michael finds himself in the middle of the search for a missing Kitty.”

"Altar Egos"

Maeby attempts to deposit her cheque. G.O.B. adapts to married life. Tobias is sent to break into Maggie's house to steal evidence, only to discover that she's not blind.”

"Justice Is Blind"

Barry gets a sign from God, and Maggie is replaced with a new, less generous prosecutor.”

"Best Man for the Gob"

Michael solves the mystery of the missing money, and Gilligan fulfills his destiny.”

"Whistler's Mother"

Michael finds having his mother on the board problematic, Lindsay finds her true calling, and Oscar comes a-courtin'.”

"Not Without My Daughter"

Tobias loses his security job trying to solve the store's mice problem, Lindsay, now without a job, goes with her initial instinct, and Annyong exacts his revenge.”

"Let 'Em Eat Cake"

On the next season of... Arrested Development

“The family grapples with the news they had just heard, Maeby's life gets a little more complicated, and Kitty helps George Sr. escape.”

Season Two

"The One Where Michael Leaves"

“Lindsay almost stumbles upon a dating opportunity but instead is admitted to the hospital with a fever of 104. Michael finally gets the corporate checkbook, only to find that the family has gotten to it first, and Barry lands in jail.”

"The One Where They Build a House"

“Lindsay finds out the true identity of her homeless man. And even though Lindsay didn’t know who that was, hearing that he wasn’t homeless was good enough for her. And Lindsay, crushed and alone, for the first time missed her husband Tobias.”


“Buster reclaims his favorite chair but the victory is short-lived. And Tobias gets medical attention.”

"Good Grief"

“Buster finds out about the death of Captain Kangaroo, Michael grows weary of caring for his father, and G.O.B. finally makes the cover of Poof magazine.”

"Sad Sack"

“Oscar returns to find a now distant Lucille which was what attracted him to her in the first place. Lindsay reconciles with her daughter. Tobias, traumatized by the public exposure, returns to an unfortunate quirk.”

"Afternoon Delight"

“The Blue Man Group finally calls for Tobias with a life-changing opportunity. Unfortunately, he can’t hear it and his life stays the same.”

"Switch Hitter"

“Maeby gets her father a job and Buster visits the general.”

"Queen for a Day

“Lucille 2 reclaims some space, the Queen Mary changes hands once again and G.O.B. gets needy.”

"Burning Love"

“George Sr. shows up to bid on Lucille but the sound of his wolf call and the smell of chicken teriyaki interfered.”

"Ready, Aim, Marry Me"

“Uncle Jack buys the company, but makes some changes of his own, Tobias listens to a day’s worth of his own words, to see what Michael was referring to and he realized there is something distinct about the way he speaks.”

"Out on a Limb"

“Barry gets a big break on his case and for the first time, Lucille prays. And Buster is on his way when he decides to pursue a long-delayed rite of passage and then a seal bites off his hand.”

"Hand to God"

“Buster and G.O.B. find themselves closer than ever and Maggie gets a big surprise.”

"Motherboy XXX"

“Lindsay finds herself strangely compelled to be with Tobias, but not the one she’s married to. Having finally had sex, G.O.B. can admit that he never consummated their marriage but then G.O.B. caught a lucky break but it didn’t last long. And Maeby impresses the kids at the Promise Land with her one scary campfire story.”

"The Immaculate Election"

“Lucille finds a housekeeper that she won’t lose her son to and Steve Holt finally tracks down his real father.”

"Sword of Destiny"

“Michael gets a new roommate and the FBI finds footage more troublesome than they’d originally thought.”

"Meat the Veals"

“Buster finds someone else interested in kissing his hook so Buster gets a hook replacement.”

"Spring Breakout"

“Lucille gets some disturbing information and Kitty finds what she’s been looking for.”

"Righteous Brothers"

On the next season of... Arrested Development

“Oscar, robbed of his fingerprints, has difficulty proving his identity, Tobias and Kitty go to Vegas, only to find that his dream job has been filled, and George, Sr. turns out to be right about the effects of stress.”

Season Three

"The Cabin Show"

“Lucille arrives at the cabin, Maeby finds someone to help her forget her cousin ...her cousin. And Lindsay catches up with Tobias.”
3x02 previously on

From "For British Eyes Only"

"For British Eyes Only"

Previously on... Arrested Development

“Michael and his son were camping out at the family cabin before it was to be relocated. [...] But Pop-Pop had other plans. And Michael awoke to find his camping trip going south. And that was when George, Sr. made a desperate plea. Michael didn’t send his father back to prison but instead arranged for him to be placed under house arrest which made this woman his warden.”


“Lindsay tries to work off her debt with Bob Loblaw and a traumatized Steve Holt needs a father.”


“Buster signs up Steve Holt up for the Army and George, Sr. finds out that a fake Popemobile can’t stop real bullets.”

"Mr. F"

“George, Sr., disoriented in the walls, almost makes contact with a new mole... Not that one. Wait for it... and Michael and Rita start a new life together.”

"The Ocean Walker"

“Michael relives a wedding nightmare.”

"Prison Break-In"

“George Michael gets closer to his family, George Michael experiences his unhappiest moment ever, Buster tries to forget his recent losses by breaking out the old guitar, and G.O.B. finally faces a phobia he’d faced before.”

"Making a Stand"

“Maeby finds a way to scare an entire generation.”


“The Bluth family gets some good news.”

"Fakin' It"

Mock Trial with J. Reinhold leads to imitators and Michael discovers that he wasn’t “N. Bluth” after all. So much for not abandoning family.”

"Family Ties"

“G.O.B. has a religious conversion and Buster’s fake coma is put to its greatest test. Oh, my.”

"Exit Strategy"

“Tobias gives his daughter the gift he’d stayed up all night making and Michael and G.O.B. make an interesting discovery.”

"Development Arrested"

3x13 Development Arrested (96)

From "Development Arrested"

On the epilogue...

“Michael wakes up to another strange bedfellow after his first night at sea and Maeby pitches her TV show to a Hollywood icon who says...”
 Ron Howard: No, I, uh... I don’t see it as a series. Maybe a movie. 


Season Four

"Double Crossers"

4x06 Double Crossers (86)
“"Lindsay surprises Michael, after a long absence from his life. And George Sr. get more confortable in hiding."

"Queen B."

4x10 Queen B. (98)
“Tobias faces an awful truth. Lindsay remembers she's on a boat... that Marky had intended to bomb. And it turns out to be kind of romantic bomb... that Lindsay and Tobias have matching suitcases."

"Red Hairing"

“"Herbert Love is discovered in a coma. And she even gets Herbert's endorsement. And Annyong tried to stick the Bluth family for a tomato juice that costs
4x08 Red Hairing (242)
him $700 and ultimately his freedom. Good-bye Annyong."

"Off the Hook"

4x15 Blockheads (133)


“"Gob gets an important call; from his mother. And even though Gob hadn't taken a forget-me-now; the night before... it seems Tony Wonder had. And this happens..."

Season Five