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OutWest Airlines

OutWest Airlines
Appearances: "Flight of the Phoenix" "Indian Takers" "A New Start"

Outwest Airlines is an Airline based in Orange County, California.


  • Lindsay used Outwest Airlines to fly to India after reading Eat, Pray, Love. She went to India for a spiritual awakening. ("Indian Takers")
  • Tobias also flew with Outwest Airlines to travel to India for a spiritual awakening with the mantra "A New Start.  ("A New Start")
  • Maeby went to India to film "Gangie on the Ganges" and saw her mother. Maeby put on Hollywood makeup and talked to Lindsay as her shaman. ("Señoritis")

In-Flight Magazines[]

Outwest Airlines also has a small collection of in-flight magazines:

  • Michael was interviewed for an article in 2011-2012 about Sudden Valley and his Michael B. Company. He made [prayer hands] in the picture, and the article was not kind to him. ("Flight of the Phoenix]]") ("Altitude")
  • George appears in the "Wealth Warrior" article in the we12 magazine. The article describes how Father B is helping people find their higher power player; he also prayer hands. ("Borderline Personalities")
  • Lindsay reads to Skymall; an in-flight catalogue, while she was on a flight to India. ("Indian Takers")
  • Lindsay reads to we12 magazine while on a flight to India. While reading the magazine, Lindsay reads the Shaman spotlight article and decides to visit the Shaman. ("Indian Takers")

In-Flight Movies[]

Outwest Airlines also has a collection of in-flight movies: