Patricia Velasquez is the Venezuelan actress who portrayed Marta Estrella in five episodes in the first season of Arrested Development. She was the second actress to helm the role, taking over from Leonor Varela, as is known by fans as "Marta 2.0".


Patricia was born in Venezuela to two teachers in 1971. She briefly lived in France in Mexico until she was five years old when she lived in Venezuela until college. She was studying engineering and her friend sent some photos to a modeling agency. The agency moved Patricia to Milan where she begun an illustrious career as a supermodel. Her modeling work includes the 1994 swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated.

In 1996 Marta began her acting career by appearing in the movie La Jaguar. She has since appeared in over 25 movies and TV shows, most notably several episodes of The L Word and has had major roles in The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, and Mindhunters.


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