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Photo montages

Photo montages

Photo montages are a commonly used narrative technique in Arrested Development. The photo stills play into the faux-documentary nature of the show.

Similar narrative techniques include newspapers, yearbooks, and security cameras.


Buster's studies ("Bringing Up Buster")

Kitty and George ("Visiting Ours")

Lindsay's charitable activities ("Storming the Castle")

The Alliance of Magicians ("Storming the Castle")

Catalina Island ("Staff Infection")

Quantity Plus ("Staff Infection")

Escalating series of dares ("Altar Egos")

Ribbon cuttings ("The One Where They Build a House")

Lucille & General Anderson ("Switch Hitter")

Red McGibbon and Bullet: Nazi Hunters ("Ready, Aim, Marry Me")

Escalating series of dares, part 2 ("Out on a Limb")

Motherboy ("Motherboy XXX")

Motherboy (band) ("Motherboy XXX")

Campaign video ("The Immaculate Election")

Saddam Hussein handshakes ("For British Eyes Only")

Sea Britain concept ("The Ocean Walker")

Two legged race ("Prison Break-In")

Banana stand off ("Making a Stand")

Making a stand ("Making a Stand")

Scrapbooking ("Exit Strategy")

Kitty & Ron Howard ("The B. Team")

Fantastic Four ("A New Start")

Escalating series of dares, part 2 ("A New Attitude")

Senior yearbook ("Señoritis")

Woodblock apps ("It Gets Better")