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Photo Booths
Appearances: "The B. Team", "Red Hairing", "Blockheads"

Making love in Photo booths is a recurring theme in Season Four.


4x04 The B. Team (105)

Michael listened to the red-headed girl's concert and the two bonded over their children. They then made love in a photo booth and Michael finally learned her name from her tattoo: Rebel. ("The B. Team")

4x08 Red Hairing (222)

Lindsay and Herbert Love made love in a photo booth. Sally Sitwell then showed Lindsay photos of her and Love together and told her Lucille 2 was definitely going to use them to sink Love. ("Red Hairing")

4x15 Blockheads (009)

George Michael meets back up with Rebel in The Ealing Club. They both see their fathers approaching so thy duck into a photo booth and make out. ("Blockheads")

4x15 Blockheads (078)

Michael and Rebel make love and Michael steals a photo booth photo from her dresser but discovers that it is George Michael and Rebel in the photo. ("Blockheads")


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