Appearances: "The Cabin Show"

The Bluth family visits Reno for several reasons. The city's motto is "Make the biggest little mistake of your life in Reno."


Swallows Restaurant, a classic Reno establishment, as seen in "The Cabin Show"

The Bluth family cabin is near Lake Tahoe and although George Bluth promised to take Michael Bluth to the cabin multiple times as a child, George always left Michael at home and took one of his mistresses. As the Bluth family was selling their assets in 2005, Michael offered to take George Michael and later G.O.B. to the cabin for one first time. G.O.B. then offered to take Steve Holt to the cabin on a son-son trip, unknowing that he was actually Steve's father.

Kitty and Tobias left Newport Beach so Tobias could pursue a career in the Blue Man Group in Vegas but he and Kitty instead ended up in Reno. Tobias got a job at a Swallows Restaurant and Kitty, in her spare time, rekindled her romance with George Bluth, now a member of the Reno Blue Man Group. ("The Cabin Show")

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