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Ron Michaelson

Ron Michaelson is an actor, working for G.O.B.
Actor: Ron Michaelson — First Appearance: "The Immaculate Election"

Ron Michaelson is an actor popular for appearing in commercials for, where he plays a character known as "Ned the Banker."

He pretends to be an investor for the Bluth Company for the purpose of one of G.O.B.'s illusions in his Tricks Around the Office video. ("The Immaculate Election")


G.O.B.: What’s this? A stuffy office meeting? Well, maybe it’s time for a little office magic.

Ron Michaelson: What’s “office magic?”

G.O.B.: Sometimes it’s as simple as turning 10:45 in the morning into... lunchtime!

Ron Michaelson: Why does lunch have to be so dull?

G.O.B.: Maybe you’d prefer some chicken instead!  

 From "The Immaculate Election"


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