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Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein is a business partner of George Bluth, and a dictator
Actor: Himself — First Appearance: "Shock and Aww" — Last Appearance: "Exit Strategy"

Saddam Hussein (also seen as H. MADDAS), the now deposed dictator of Iraq, had several houses built by the Bluth Company.


1x14 Shock and Awww (55)

A Saddam cupcake, from "Shock and Aww"

1x18 Missing Kitty (66)

"H. MADDAS" cooler from "Missing Kitty"

3x02 For British Eyes Only (23)

George Bluth and Saddam Hussein meeting in "For British Eyes Only"

  • High school ethics teacher Beth Baerly was obsessed with Saddam Hussein as a leader, and George Michael makes her a collage of Saddam Hussein images. She makes the class cupcakes with Saddam faces. ("Shock and Aww")
  • George Bluth admits to Michael that he may be guilty of "light treason". ("Shock and Aww")
  • George asks G.O.B. to make some books disappear which are stored inside a cooler reading "H. MADDAS" which is stored on the Lucille. Kitty manages to keep it from getting destroyed. ("Missing Kitty")
  • FOX 6 reports that Model Homes are found in Iraq. ("Let 'Em Eat Cake")
  • G.O.B. finds a contract signed between Saddam Hussein and George Bluth in the walls of the Bluth Company offices. George steals it and it is never seen again. ("The One Where Michael Leaves")
  • George and Lucille had an anniversary party in Iraq, and Qusay Hussein (Saddam's son) was present. ("The Immaculate Election")
  • Kitty returns with the "H. MADDAS" cooler and George claims it has evidence to free him. G.O.B. then accidentally destroys the evidence by dropping it into a pool. ("Spring Breakout")
  • A photo of George and Saddam shaking hands is uncovered. ("For British Eyes Only")
  • G.O.B. travels to Iraq to destroy some model homes and is arrested. Michael and Buster fly over to rescue him and discover that George was set up by a British syndicate to build houses to monitor Saddam Hussein. ("Exit Strategy")
  • Several Saddam Hussein look-alikes are found living in a model house in Iraq. The website IMNOSCAR.COM claims that Saddam was still alive in Iraq, while a look-alike was being tried for his crimes. ("Exit Strategy")


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