Safety Hair

Safety Hair
Appearances: "Premature Independence", "Unexpected Company" — Mentions: "Taste Makers"

Safety Hair is a helmet with a wig on it that is supposed to be undetectable.


  • Sally Sitwell brings it to Stan Sitwell at the hospital to get him to wear it, Stan refuses because he thinks that a peach pit thrown at him is enough for Safety Hair to be discovered. ("Premature Independence")
  • At the Mother of God hospital, in the prosthetics room, Buster finds it. ("Unexpected Company")
  • Maeby tells Stan Sitwell he should have bought safety hair, which his daughter Sally did. ("Taste Makers")

Celebrities wearing Safety Hair

  • According to Sally John Travolta wears it.
  • According to Buster William Shatner wears it.
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