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Directors: Mitch Hurwitz & Troy Miller — Writer: Jim Brandon & Brian Singleton — Aired: May 26, 2013 — Icon-image      

"Señoritis" is the twelfth episode of Arrested Development's fourth season.

Maeby moves out on her own and reconnects with her cousin, George Michael.


After Lucille capsized the Queen Mary, Maeby attempted to get her parents attention by pretending to be dead at the harbormaster's lodge. They didn't notice her so she planned on failing out of high school to teach them a lesson. They went to India on a spiritual journey so she resumed work on the Bluth family movie she pitched to Ron Howard. She was given a job at Imagine Entertainment as a film producer where she in turn gave Kitty a job to help with the project. Maeby went to India to film Gangie on the Ganges and saw her mother. Maeby put on Hollywood makeup and talked to Lindsay as her shaman.

4x12 Señoritis (059)

Maeby working at Imagine Entertainment

Upon returning home, Maeby was fired from Imagine because Kitty discovered she didn't have a high school diploma. Maeby then returned to her parent's new lavish mansion where she couldn't teach them a lesson with her failing out of high school due to the house's large size and her parent's complete ignorance. When the housing market collapsed, Maeby snuck in to live in Balboa Towers but left when Lindsay and Marky Bark moved in with Cindy the Ostrich. She moved into the model home where there was no internet so she went to the high school to use the internet and found herself there for several years, repeating her senior year.

4x12 Señoritis (138)

Lindsay visits her daughter

In 2013 Maeby ran into George Michael in his dorm room while being tutored in algebra. She overheard his Fakeblock idea and decided to turn it into a business when she realized that receiving an Opie Award for Lifetime Achievement meant her entertainment career had died. She was also approached by Herbert Love's assistant to pimp Lindsay out when he overheard Maeby call her mother a "whore". She continued to go to high school and date Perfecto Telles until she saw him in a bar and determined he was an undercover cop. Maeby asked Barry about the legality of her presence in a high school and Barry was 100% positive it was illegal for anyone 21 or older to be on school property.

After getting many investors, including Lucille Austero to invest in Fakeblock, she was fired by George Michael. Herbert Love then called off his affair with Lindsay. She successfully seduced Perfecto and at Cinco de Cuatro she tried to use their intimacy as blackmail to get him kicked out of school. However, he turned out to not be a cop and was only 17, so she was arrested by Rocky Richter-Wang (the actual undercover cop) for being a sexual predator.


Main Cast
  • Christine Dunford as Lynda the producer
  • Zoe Levin as High School girl #1
  • Lauren Patten as High School girl #2
  • Keri Russell as Widow Carr
  • Jordan Black as Bartender



Season 4 Clip - Ostrich

Recurring themes[]


  • Discussing her project, "Gangie on the Ganges" during her plane trip to India, Maeby asks about paying Indians in rice. This may be a reference to the legend of the Indian Brahmin inventor of chess, Sissa, who when arranging payment for the game from the king requested 1 grain of rice for the first square, 2 for the second, 4 for the third and so on for a grand total of 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 grains of rice (roughly equivalent to 280 billion metric tons of rice). Due to his poor grasp on math, the king agrees to this payment method. If referencing this tale, the show is likely poking fun at the fact that Maeby is terrible at math.
  • Opie Taylor - The narrator notes that the only bigger honor than receiving an Opie would be having an award like that named after you, "I guess." Ron Howard played Opie Taylor in The Andy Griffith Show.
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm - The Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song plays during the flashback of Mort sneaking into Sid's office. In Curb Your Enthusiasm, Jeff Garlin plays the role of Larry David's manager.
  • C*** Punt - Maeby's profanity-laden tirade at the Opies appears to draw from an angry sorority girl's email that was leaked and went viral in April 2013. 
  • Liza Minnelli's entertainment career
    • The Ultimate Event (Rat Pack concert tour) / hip replacements - Maeby gives George Michael Lucille 2's 1988 yellow Cadallic that she drove to and from "hip replacements" and says "that's only funny if you know who she is". In 1988, Minnelli replaced Dean Martin in a Rat Pack (Martin, Davis, Jr., Sinatra) concert tour called The Ultimate Event'. Minnelli also had multiple hip replacement surgeries.
    • Liza with a "Z" - The outline for Lucille Austero's body on the stair car matches Liza Minnelli's pose on the cover of her album Liza with a "Z".  The blood forms the Z.
  • Modern Family - Perfecto sees the kids from Modern Family while talking to Maeby at The Opie Awards.
  • George Maharis - George Michael's name is a reference to George Maharis, the star of the 1960s series Route 66, who was once arrested for having homosexual sex with a hairdresser named Perfecto Telles in a gas station bathroom.

Callbacks/Running Jokes[]

  • Hearing Tobias singing (as the closed captioning displays it), "It's a phallus... eee!" George Michael asks what that's from, mirroring Tobias' inquiry to Lindsay about the musical number. Maeby responds, "It's from nothing." This mirrors the narrator's response to Tobias' unanswered question.
  • Eat, Pray, Love - The tagline for Maeby's India-set movie, Gangie on the Ganges, is "Eat, Prey, Love, RUN!" Lindsay and Tobias are both inspired to visit India by reading the first two sections of the book Eat, Pray, Love.
  • While discussing hiring extras on the plane to India Maeby and her colleague agree on hiring 10,000 extras. That way if they needed it, they would have it. This is a callback to Tobias and Lindsay's buying a house earlier in the season.
  • Disguised as a shaman, Maeby rejects a hug from Lindsay saying, "Please don't squeeze the shaman." A far politer take on, "No touching!" It could also be a reference to the 1970s string of Charmin toilet tissue commercials with the catchphrase, "Please don't squeeze the Charmin." usually uttered by their pitchman, Mr. Whiffle, played by actor Dan Wilson.
  • At Lucille's condo, Maeby (now not disguised as an Indian shaman) repeats her previous assertation that Lindsay is "full of shit". Lindsay re-demonstrates that she believes the phrase to be a compliment in India.
  • Begging - Lindsay makes the "prayer hands" at Lucille's condo, and Michael says "Don't do the prayer hands."
  • Maeby's yearbook sequence mirrors the many senior yearbook photos of Steve Holt, and is set to the same music.
  • Don't Know How to Tip - Maeby gives the movers stock options in a company that currently does not have stock
    • Mort gives the African American parking attendant a whole wad of cash upon his "graceful exit."
  • "Marry me!" - Maeby reluctantly uses her former catchphrase as an afterthought when questioned about her age by the barman.
  • Running into Barry Zuckercorn outside of her school, Maeby is told, "You should be the lawyer." Something Zuckercorn has said to various people many times.
  • Steve Holt! - Maeby tells Steve Holt that she used to date a guy with the same name to which he replies with "Steve Holt!"
  • Nobody recognizes Steve Holt - Maeby doesn't recognize her ex-boyfriend and cousin
    4x12 Señoritis (161)
  • "I've made a huge mistake" - The narrator starts to say that Maeby has made a huge mistake, but then she quickly interrupts him with "Nah, I'll be fine."
  • Forget-Me-Now - Maeby's fourth senior year quote is "Life is a roofie circle."
  • Maeby has poor literacy skills
    • Maeby pronounces the "h" in the word "heiress."
    • She tells Herbert Love's campaign manager, "I'm the discreetiest."
  • Maeby is bad at math
    • Donnie Ritcher labels Maeby an "Algetard"
    • Maeby can't tell if she got a 43 or 34 on her math exam
  • Ostrich - Maeby's high school mascot is an ostrich
  • Backwards - The ornament hanging from Lucille 2's key chain given to George Michael has a backwards "L2" on it.
  • George Michael's name - After wanting to change his name from George Michael, because of the singer George Michael getting caught having sex in a bathroom, and rejecting Boy George as an alternative, because of the singer getting charged with attempted rape of a male escort in a restroom, finally chooses the alias of George Maharis, an actor who got caught having gay sex in a gas station restroom.
  • Parmesan cheese and mustard - Maeby prepares herself a plate of this at the model home before remembering she has money coming in and could buy something else to eat.
  • Getaway - The song Getaway is playing in the background as Maeby drives George Michael around the hangar in the golf cart.
  • Contradicting the narrator - After Maeby finds out Perfecto's actual age, the narrator starts to say she has to admit to making a huge mistake, but is interrupted by Maeby shrugging it off and saying, "No, I'm fine." Similar instances of people contradicting the narrator's statements in mid-sentence occur with Lindsay in "Red Hairing" and G.O.B. and Tony Wonder in "A New Attitude".
  • George Michael doesn't know Lucille 2 - When Maeby tells George Michael that Lucille 2 is investing in Fakeblock, he tells her "I never met the woman." In all the previous episodes of Arrested Development the two characters never directly interact and are never seen on camera at the same time. However, there are two small crossovers:
    • In the first season episode "Pier Pressure" Buster asks George Michael to purchase some marijuana to help with Lucille 2's vertigo. George Michael responds "She’s your girlfriend? Dad said you were her nurse."
    • Two episodes later in "Marta Complex" George Michael and Lucille 2 attend the same Valentine's Day party.
  • "That was a freebie" - Maeby greets Lindsay at the model home with "Free... bie... hi!".
  • Showstealer Pro Trial Version - A scene from "My Mother, the Car" is marked with the watermark, with an additional message: "Warning - you have only 1 use left before free trial expires".
  • Whatcha Tryin' To Say To Me - The exact same funky pre-credits music cue plays as Maeby is arrested as a sex offender as at the end of the pilot when George Michael has to share a room with Maeby.

Hidden/Background Jokes[]

  • While riding in the school bus with the other "math-challenged" algetards, the bus's occupants are seen singing the school bus classic, "99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall". However, as Maeby and Perfecto begin speaking the algetards seem to be in a perpetual "99 bottles" loop, in all likelihood due to poor math skills/inbreeding.
  • In the flashback to events just after the Queen Mary capsizes, the narrator refers to George Michael returning "worn from the harsh winds of the sea", most likely a reference to the actor being visibly years older than he looked in the clip from "Development Arrested" shown moments before.
  • When Maeby is trying to draw her parents' attention to the fact she's flunking school, she says she didn't get sent a graduation gown, and couldn't find any sheets to make one. Tobias took the sheets to make himself a sarong in "A New Start".
  • The Fünke family watches a turkey cartoon while eating breakfast one nondescript morning. The cartoon resembles the Bananagrabber cartoon and depicts a pilgrim turkey being approached by a pilgrim Google Street View car.
  • In her yearbook photos, Maeby changes her last name as she repeats her senior year of high school again and again. She appears to be taking on different personas each year. Maeby "Finke" is named for Hollywood gossip columnist Nikki Finke ( Maeby Featherbottom is a British character, calling Americans "pussies" - a callback to Rita Leeds and Tobias' Miss Featherbottom character. Maeby "Flunke" shows Maeby sadly resigned to flunking out again and again.
  • In addition to Maeby's senior yearbook photos and quotes, we're treated to a slew of others (all of the other students appear much too old to be in high school as well):
    • In the first yearbook; Olivia Enix, "Live with meaning", Benjamin Erb, "My bones hurt", June Erin, "I did not get this sweater at Swappigans" (Carl Weather's barter-based restaurant, where June likely got her sweater), Andrew Esposito, "Tomorrow is another day", Harlan Esteban, "Absolutely!", Samuel Fagan, "Sorry about that, ladies.", Mateo Fairchild, "It's all downhill from here!", Chris Faulkner, "You can never have enough kittens", Jayden Ferris, "Never forget the Toilet Incident!", Amanda Fields, "A life worth living is a life with s'mores", Maeby Finke, "%.05 of the gross, with bumps for every ten million over fifty.", Mikey Flink, "It will never be now again.", Knox Forbs, "That baby didn't do nothin!", Ava Ford, "So many questions!", Jack Forest, "Everybody wang chung".
    • In the second yearbook (only partially seen and featuring trivia followed by a quote); Maeby Featherbottom, "Born and raised in Big Britain" (a nod towards Wee Britain), "I love you Americans. You're all such wonderful pussies!", Haley Fey, "Enjoys throwing stars, globe making", "yyyoouuu know it!" While most of the content of the entries directly above Maeby and Haley are off-camera, the two student's quotes are, "Keep those balls in the air." (a reference to a frequent musical number in the show) and "One Love!" (a reference to Bob Marley, the marijuana singer).
    • In the third yearbook (featuring a quote and then a hobby of the pictured student); Gabriella Felch, "What you do to me", "Snow Cones", Shreya Felch, "A hug is a great gift", "Magnets" (this is a reference to the It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia episode, "The Waitress Is Getting Married", where while making an online dating profile Charlie insists that his hobby is "just magnets".), Ross Fike, "All smiles go miles", "Fishing", Stacey Fischer, "Try try again", "Dance", Vance Fitz, "In flagrante delicto" (a legal term essentially meaning "caught in the act"), "Theater, Choir", Victoria Fitzgerald, "I guess you had to be there", "Swimming", Maeby Flunke, "Life is a roofie circle", "High School", Lars Francesco, "It's all Whipperjawed!", "Travel", Cam Fukada, "What's that smell?", "Hiding things", Jaime Fuller, "Neato Gang", "Weed", Ashley Gabriel, "That's so Palmer...", "Wrestling", John Garrison, "I will NOT forget about it", "Holding Grudges", Chad Gerald, "By and by", "Sailing, shoegazing," Bob-Bob Gillivander, "hey what's going on there Bob?", "Novys without Borders,", Dylan Gunter, "Less is more, more or less.", "Parkour, Cats, K-pop", and Chris Harry, "Why Me?", "Pondering Life".
  • As Maeby gives up on listening to her parents' voicemail messages, a voicemail for Tobias briefly plays stating that he got a callback for "something called The Big Bang Theory.

Foreshadowing/Future References[]

  • George Michael's overt sexuality - After Maeby tells George Michael she doesn't want people to know that she's working with her cousin and that he is no longer George Michael Bluth, George Michael, responds "Oh I'm great with that. In fact you might help us sell it..." At the same time, he pulls out the keycard for the hotel room with only one bed. As in "It Gets Better", his overt sexuality is also interrupted by his need to correct Maeby's poor education.
  • Fakeblock is fake -
    • When naming Fakeblock as a Hypothetical Buy on Mad Money, Jim Cramer notes, "For all I know, it's not even real!"
    • After Maeby purchases the hangar as the Fakeblock headquarters, she begins discussing plans with George Michael. George Michael replies with, "Maeby, we can't afford this. And my software isn't even rea....dy." George Michael almost reveals that his software isn't even "real" but changes it to "rea...dy."
  • Michael says, "I owe you one," as Maeby leaves the penthouse after signing the form for him, and she says, "No, you don't." It's later revealed in "Blockheads" that during the same conversation she lied to Michael about Rebel's other man to get revenge on George Michael.

In Comparison to the Remix[]

In the chronological re-cut of season 4, footage from Señoritis is used in 10 different episodes. The original cut of Season 4 is slightly longer than the re-cut version. Because of this, various lines of dialogue and sometimes even scenes are cut. These changes, as well as which scenes appear in which remixed episode, are listed below:

  • Opening – Maeby & Perfecto, George Michael’s dorm, cut dialogue in italics (4x7 One Degree of Separation, flashbacks in 4x10 Recurring Dreams, 4x20 Cinco de Cuatro I)
    • This caption doesn’t appear: “Maeby Fünke, high school senior”.
    • This caption doesn’t appear: “Perfecto Telles, boy”.
    • Narrator: And she was rewarding him for doing her English homework, even though English was his second language.
    • Narrator: It wasn't until Donnie Richter's algebra class that the real bonding began.
  • At the coast guard's office (4x7 One Degree of Separation)
    • Narrator: So, after returning, worn from the harsh winds of the sea...
    • Narrator: And Maeby didn't because, and I never told you this, but George Michael wasn't a very good kisser. It seems he both used his tongue to fend off the intruding tongue, but also laterally moved his lower jaw while constricting his lower lip. The upper lip, meanwhile, tended to retract, revealing an exposed area from the front teeth to the canines, ultimately creating more pain than pleasure. Really just rookie mistakes, but all of it conspired to make Maeby concerned about him wanting to get more serious.
    • This exchange is cut:
      • George Michael: I, I- no, I think we should just be cousins.
      • Maeby: So first my parents don't notice that I drowned, and now my cousin doesn't care that I'm at the height of my sexuality.
      • George Michael: Oh, sure I care, and, y-you know, I'm right there... with you. We're a couple of... forces of nature, but...
      • Maeby: What?
      • George Michael: Forces of nature.
    • Maeby: I’ve got two whole months to flunk.
  • Maeby in the model home then in India (4x7 One Degree of Separation)
    • Lynda: Well, it might be worse to insist on using less because you've got to pay them for a shot.
    • Maeby: This movie is...
    • Female Concierge: Raj? That is the greatest insult you can say to a person.
  • Family meeting at the penthouse (4x7 One Degree of Separation)
    • This exchange is cut:
      • Narrator: And while it did bring the family back together […] it did make it harder for Maeby to make this insult stick.
      • Maeby: Don't you think it makes you... seem a little, um, what is that saying? Full of (BLEEP).
      • Lindsay: Thank you, Maeby. That's actually a compliment in India.
      • Maeby: My own fault.
  • At the new house (4x7 One Degree of Separation)
    • Maeby: No? No one cares?
    • Lindsay: (reading) Mother's Day Eve was the most joyous day of the year.
  • Thanksgiving (cut scene)
    • This scene is cut:
      • Narrator: And although they did share one Thanksgiving together…
      • Caption: two months later...
      • Tobias: It's not on.
      • Narrator: ...they didn't realize they were doing so...
      • Lindsay: Why would they preempt Babies Having Babies for a turkey cartoon?
      • Narrator: ...having celebrated it one week earlier, when they found that duck in the cupboard, tried to cook it alive…
  • Phone messages (4x7 One Degree of Separation)
    • Narrator: Nonetheless, Maeby was doing well in school, and might have graduated had this not happened.
    • Tobias: […] I’ll leave her a message.
  • Maeby and Kitty at Imagine Entertainment (4x7 One Degree of Separation)
    • This exchange is cut shorter:
      • Maeby: How did they even find out?
      • Kitty: Does it even matter anymore?
      • Maeby: Yeah, it does.
      • Narrator: With no parents, no job, and no place to leave, Maeby had squat, which is exactly what she decided to do at her grandparents' penthouse.
  • Maeby at the penthouse  (4x7 One Degree of Separation, 4x8 The Weak Become the Strong)
    • Narrator: So Maeby was as free as that bird.
    • Marky Bark: Cindy? You okay?
  • George Michael’s dorm (4x7 One Degree of Separation, flashbacks in 4x11 Fun Night, 4x16 Mixed Messages)
    • Maeby’s “So, I’m still gonna stay in high school until they notice me” becomes “So, I’m still gonna stay in high school till my parents notice me.”
    • This exchange is cut:
      • Michael: I don't understand a word of it, but, it, it, it works. You should see his Facebook page. Doesn't have a friend on it.
      • Narrator: Of course, that last part had nothing to do with Fakeblock.
      • George Michael: Thank you, Dad.
      • Narrator: But it did help George Michael's self-esteem.
  • Maeby at the bar (4x7 One Degree of Separation, 4x10 Recurring Dreams, flashbacks in 4x11 Fun Night, 4x20 Cinco de Cuatro I)
    • This exchange is cut:
      • Bartender: Oh, you're Maeby. Well, you can have one, but you got quite a bar tab.
      • Maeby: I've got to graduate.
    • Officer Taylor: Were. They won't let us shoot in Laguna.
  • Maeby & Barry (4x7 One Degree of Separation, flashbacks in 4x11 Fun Night)
    • This exchange is cut shorter:
      • Barry: What are you doing here?
      • Maeby: What are you doing here?
      • Barry: Well, I could ask you the same thing.
      • Maeby: I go to high school here.
      • Barry: I could answer the same thing. I was just looking for something more believable.
      • Maeby: Speaking of believable, I was going to ask you a question about that. Um, can somebody get kicked out of high school if they're too old? I think I was made at a bar.
      • Barry: Ha! I know this part of the law very, very well. After 21, it is illegal for you to enrol in high school in the state of California. As a matter of fact, you cannot even lurk! "Lurk." What, do they got cameras in the bushes? Why would they do that? You can't even see into the locker rooms from there.
      • Maeby: Okay, so, what do I do? Because the guy who caught me goes to school with me.
      • Barry: Oh, well, that's easy. […]
  • Maeby at the penthouse with the ostrich (4x10 Recurring Dreams, 4x11 Fun Night)
    • There is no longer a bleep sound when Maeby runs away from the ostrich.
    • Maeby: And she wouldn't even let me get a cat.
    • Maeby: (opening Opie letter) Hey.
  • Maeby & “Donnie” Richter talk (4x11 Fun Night, flashbacks in 4x20 Cinco de Cuatro I)
    • “Donnie” Richter: What is it going to take to get you to focus?
  • At the Opie Awards (4x11 Fun Night, flashbacks in 4x16 Mixed Messages, 4x19 Fast Company)
    • Narrator: Maeby got her cousin to drive her to the Opies so she could impress him with her achievements.
    • Mort Meyers: Oh, my God.
    • Maeby: Rebel!
    • Rebel Alley: But whenever Bryce gets pregnant, guess who gets a call?
    • Mort Meyers: Well, if you need a name, I'm the guy who came up with Schnoodle.
    • George Michael: Thank you. I don't want people to know that I'm doing this.
    • Narrator: And Maeby set to work in trapping him into becoming a predator.
  • Maeby & David outside the Opie Awards (4x16 Mixed Messages, flashbacks in 4x17 Dire Straights, 4x20 Cinco de Cuatro I)
    • When David says “Obviously, discretion is appreciated”, he only says obviously in 4x17 & 4x20 and not 4x16.
    • Herbert Love: This wall is gonna be good. It'll be good.
  • Maeby & Lindsay at the model home (4x16 Mixed Messages)
    • The flashback with Lindsay is cut short as she no longer says “It is obvious I'm not wearing a bra, right?”
  • Maeby promotes FakeBlock (4x16 Mixed Messages)
    • This exchange is cut:
      • George Michael: Jim... Cramer?
      • Maeby: He's a guy I've worked with, and he even mentioned it on Mad Money.
  • Maeby & David working together (4x19 Fast Company)
  • Maeby & Lindsay phone call (4x17 Dire Straights, 4x19 Fast Company, flashbacks in 4x19 Fast Company)
  • Maeby at Fakeblock (4x19 Fast Company)
    • This exchange is cut:
      • Narrator: Soon she had enough money for an apartment and to set up a Fakeblock office.
      • Maeby: (to the delivery guy) Right. Um, do you want some...  […]
  • Maeby and Steve Holt (4x15 Locked and Loaded)
  • Maeby when Michael & G.O.B. are at the model home (4x11 Fun Night)
  • Maeby & Perfecto at high school (cut scene)
    • This scene is cut:
      • Narrator: And she still managed to continue seducing Perfecto into seducing her.
      • Maeby: I'm like, "This top is completely see-through." I'll put it on and show you. I'm like, "Where am I supposed to wear this?"
  • Maeby & David continue working together (4x19 Fast Company)
    • “This high school senior was working three jobs” becomes “This high school senior was working several jobs”.
  • Maeby shows George Michael around FakeBlock (4x19 Fast Company)
    • The songs Getaway & Practice Kisses can no longer be heard as background music.
  • Maeby and Michael at Lucille's apartment (4x19 Fast Company)
    • There are two different takes of this scene in the original season 4, in 4x12 Señoritis and 4x15 Blockheads. For example, Michael says “I owe you one” here but just “I owe you” in 4x15 Blockheads. The 4x15 Blockheads version is used in the remix.
      • Michael: Thank you.
      • Maeby: Mm-hmm.
      • Michael: I owe you one.
      • Maeby: No, you don't.
      • Michael: [...] Wait, w-w-wait!
      • Maeby: Yes.
      • Michael: Don't knock just yet.
    • Narrator: And that's when Lucille 2 saw a very real girl in her imaginary boy's room. And after, secure that she had something with which to blackmail Perfecto, she sought out a late payment from the Love campaign at Cinco.
  • At Cinco de Cuatro (4x20 Cinco de Cuatro I)
    • Lindsay’s “if you choose to do facial reconstruction” becomes “if you choose to do work on your face”.
    • Woman: (when the blowback starts) What's, what's going on?
    • The narrator’s line about Maeby “lying to others and even herself” becomes “lying to others and herself”.
  • Maeby is arrested (4x20 Cinco de Cuatro I)


→ See more quotes from "Señoritis" at Transcript of Señoritis.

Maeby: And if you do my Spanish, I'll teach you how to French.


Maeby: Shh! I'm trying to get my parents to notice me. I've been here for like an hour and a half.

Narrator: It had been seven minutes.

George Michael: Do you think it would help if I went over and said like, "Hey, Maeby's dead"?

Maeby: No, that would just mean that they'd notice you.


Maeby: What are you doing here?

Barry: Well, I could ask you the same thing.

Maeby: I go to high school here.

Barry: I could answer the same thing. I was just looking for something more believable.


Maeby: Thank you, Kirk Cameron, for that incredibly Bible-y introduction. Okay, so, tie yourself to your chair, because this is going to be a rough (BLEEP) ride. I'm leaving this (BLEEP) dying business to join the software game. Double (BLEEP) newsflash! I'm starting Fakeblock with George Maharis. The world's first anti-social network. So you know what? You can take this Opie and shove it up your (BLEEP), all right? Because I will (BLEEP) punt the next god(BLEEP) (BLEEP) you tells me I'm finished, you (BLEEP) (BLEEP)hats! So you can all go (BLEEP) yourselves! (starting to leave) What? Sure. (reads) Please welcome the talented voices of Phineas and Ferb. Go (BLEEP) yourself! (BLEEP) you!


Maeby: You're... 17?

Perfecto Telles: Yeah.

Maeby: I'm 23.

Perfecto Telles: Oh, that's a relief. I wasn't supposed to be driving with you.



  • In the opening credits, Maeby's theme uses scat vocals which sound like they are performed by Alia Shawkat.
  • Eli Vargas, the actor who plays Perfecto Telles, also played the "Mexican teenager" in "¡Amigos!". When G.O.B. and Michael visited Mexico, he tried to sell them Chiclets (gum) before G.O.B. did his chicken dance.
  • Cops don't actually use tape (or chalk) to outline a body; they use little numbered yellow cards and photograph everything, as seen in shows such as C.S.I.  The tape/chalk would actually tamper with the evidence.  The notion of outlines for dead bodies is entirely made up for television/movies as a visual hint for the audience...or in this case, as a humorous reference.
  • Buster does not appear in this episode. G.O.B. and George are silent, save for their respective flashbacks from Colony Collapse and Double Crossers.


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8. "Red Hairing"
9. "Smashed"
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11. "A New Attitude"
12. "Señoritis"
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15. "Blockheads"

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