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Season 1

Season 1
Originally aired: November 2, 2003 to June 6, 2004

The first season of Arrested Development aired on FOX from November 2, 2003 to June 6, 2004.


We meet the Bluth family who has problems with the law, with each other, and with society. Michael Bluth must make sure the family stays out of more trouble, while keeping them all happy. He must lead a family of his own, and he tries to find a wife. George Sr. is imprisoned for stealing from the Bluth Company, and his wife Lucille must live without, which turns out to be easy. Lindsay and Tobias begin to notice marital problems when they move back to California. George Michael and his cousin Maeby are reunited, but they go through teenage emotions. Buster is awkward, like always, and ultimately relies upon Lucille 2 for companionship.


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The Season One main cast

Arrested-Develop-Season 1

Jason, Portia, Will and Tony



1 | 1
"Pilot" November 2, 2003
Directed by: Anthony Russo & Joe Russo - Written by: Mitchell Hurwitz
Michael decides to take a job in Arizona after being passed over by George Sr. for head of the Bluth Company. George Sr. is jailed, and the family realizes they need Michael.
2 | 2
Top Banana
"Top Banana" November 9, 2003
Directed by: Anthony Russo - Written by: Mitchell Hurwitz & John Levenstein
Michael puts George Michael in charge of the Bluth Frozen Banana Stand, and his son subsequently burns down the stand. Elsewhere, Tobias auditions for a commercial, and Lindsay inadvertently gets the part.
3 | 3
Bringing Up Buster
"Bringing Up Buster" November 16, 2003
Directed by: Joe Russo - Written by: Mitchell Hurwitz & Richard Rosenstock
Michael spends quality time with Buster. George Michael auditions for a school play to get closer to Maeby. G.O.B. breaks up with his girlfriend and has nowhere to go.
4 | 4
Key Decisions
"Key Decisions" November 23, 2003
Directed by: Anthony Russo - Written by: Brad Copeland
G.O.B. decides to lock himself in his father's prison for 24 hours to get back in with the alliance, and to spend quality time with his father. Michael takes G.O.B.'s girlfriend to an awards show, and Buster inadvertently flirts with his mother's rival.
5 | 5
Charity Drive
"Charity Drive" November 30, 2003
Directed by: Greg Mottola - Written by: Barbie Adler
Michael and Lindsay try to prove their charitable sides to each other. G.O.B. demands George Michael's respect, and Buster continues avoiding Lucille 2.
6 | 6
Visiting Ours
"Visiting Ours" December 7, 2003
Directed by: Greg Mottola - Written by: John Levenstein & Richard Rosenstock
Michael sets up an "intimate conjugal visit" for his parents, while it is revealed that George Sr. had an affair with Kitty, his secretary who recently slept with G.O.B.. Tobias and Lindsay see a marriage counselor.
7 | 7
In God We Trust
"In God We Trust" December 14, 2003
Directed by: Joe Russo - Written by: Abraham Higginbotham
Michael attempts to fire the family's incompetent but likable attorney. George Michael impresses Maeby with a muscle suit for a "Living Classics" pageant. Tobias has a psychological affliction where he is unable to take off his clothes.
8 | 8
My Mother, the Car
"My Mother, the Car" December 21, 2003
Directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar - Written by: Jay Martin
Michael loses his short-term memory, which Lucille uses to her advantage. G.O.B. attempts to use the family yacht before Michael sells it. George Michael and Maeby attempt to see an R-rated movie about cousins having an affair. Buster and Lucille 2 take "the next step".
9 | 9
Storming the Castle
"Storming the Castle" January 4, 2004
Directed by: Greg Mottola - Written by: Brad Copeland
Michael cannot go through with his plan to break up G.O.B. and Marta. A thug magician wants to take G.O.B.'s "legs". Maeby wears all leather to get back at her mother, and Lucille decides to confront Buster's relationship with Lucille 2.
10 | 10
Pier Pressure
"Pier Pressure" January 11, 2004
Directed by: Joe Russo - Written by: Mitchell Hurwitz & Jim Vallely
Buster realizes that medical marijuana will help cure Lucille 2's vertigo, and pays George Michael to get it for him from G.O.B.. Lindsay sends Maeby to spend a day with Lucille to punish her for bad grades. Michael thinks George Michael is on drugs and attempts to teach him a lesson.
11 | 11
Public Relations
"Public Relations" January 25, 2004
Directed by: Lee Shallat-Chemel - Written by: Courtney Lilly
When George Michael is rejected by a private school due to the family's reputation, Michael hires a publicist from his gym who he's been flirting with to change the public perspective of the Bluths. Meanwhile, Tobias is sent to Boston to reclaim his medical license.
12 | 12
Marta Complex
"Marta Complex" February 8, 2004
Directed by: Joe Russo - Written by: John Levenstein & Jim Vallely
When Lucille throws an anniversary party for Tobias and Lindsay on Valentine's Day, Michael gives an impassioned speech about love. This makes Marta realize she has feelings for him and Lindsay realize she wants a divorce. Buster decides to move out of the penthouse.
13 | 13
Beef Consommé
"Beef Consommé" February 15, 2004
Directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar - Written by: Martin & Rosenstock
After learning that Marta has feelings for him, Michael goes to her and they decide to get permission from G.O.B. before taking things to the next level. Meanwhile, Lindsay and Tobias finally get to the heart of his "never-nude" problem and George Sr. faces his first hearing.
14 | 14
Shock and Aww
"Shock and Aww" March 7, 2004
Directed by: Joe Russo - Written by: Chuck Martin & Jim Vallely
Michael falls for George Michael's ethics teacher, Miss Baerly, whom his son also has a crush on. Meanwhile, Lucille adopts a 14-year-old Korean boy, and George Sr.'s "Caged Wisdom" tapes have given him a new admirer.
15 | 15
Staff Infection
"Staff Infection" March 14, 2004
Directed by: John Fortenberry - Written by: Brad Copeland
When Michael discovers his family has been receiving paychecks without working, he forces them all to get jobs within the company. Lindsay questions his management skills, and Tobias checks himself in at George Sr.'s prison to research a film role.
16 | 16
Altar Egos
"Altar Egos" March 17, 2004
Directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar - Written by: Barbie Adler
Michael attempts to have a one-night stand with an attorney whom he doesn't know is blind. G.O.B. gets married on a dare, Maeby pretends to be a girl with a made up disease, and George Sr.'s admirer turns out to be an undercover SEC agent who has truly fallen for him.
17 | 17
Justice Is Blind
"Justice Is Blind" March 21, 2004
Directed by: Jay Chandrasekhar - Written by: Abraham Higginbotham
G.O.B. steals a file on the government's case against the Bluth Company that Maggie had given to Michael. Tobias is sent to Maggie's house to get evidence, George Michael tries to prove Maeby's fraud, and Lindsay fights to remove the Ten Commandments from the courthouse lawn.
18 | 18
Missing Kitty
"Missing Kitty" March 28, 2004
Directed by: Joe Russo - Written by: Mitchell Hurwitz & John Levenstein
G.O.B. attempts to make good on his promise to make the family yacht disappear. Lindsay and Maeby try to track down Lindsay's grandmother, Tobias seeks George Sr.'s respect, and Michael attempts to fire Kitty, who claims to have information that could bring down the company.
19 | 19
Best Man for the Gob
"Best Man for the Gob" April 4, 2004
Directed by: Lee Shallat-Chemel - Written by: Hurwitz & Rosenstock
George Sr. uses G.O.B.'s bachelor party as an opportunity to set up his accountant in a compromising position so that he can blackmail him. Meanwhile, Michael tries to prove he's a fun guy, and the Fünke's reunite their family folk-music band.
20 | 20
Whistler's Mother
"Whistler's Mother" April 11, 2004
Directed by: Paul Feig - Written by: John Levenstein & Jim Vallely
Michael deals with numerous requests for some unfrozen money, and chastises Lucille for being too coddling with Buster. Also, Lindsay decides to protest the war to boost her self esteem, Tobias and G.O.B. decide to start a coffee company.
21 | 21
Not Without My Daughter
"Not Without My Daughter" April 25, 2004
Directed by: Lee Shallat-Chemel - Written by: Hurwitz & Rosenstock
Michael takes Maeby to work with him on Take Your Daughter to Work Day. After being slighted by Michael, Tobias, George Michael and G.O.B. all go to the mall to prove that they are just manly. Oscar takes Lucille and Buster to Annyong's soccer game.
22 | 22
Let 'Em Eat Cake
"Let 'Em Eat Cake" June 6, 2004
Directed by: Paul Feig - Written by: Mitchell Hurwitz & Jim Vallely
In the first season finale, George Sr. has a heart attack, and Maeby is jealous when George Michael likes another girl. Meanwhile, Lindsay decides to leave Tobias until a book he wrote a long time ago becomes a gay bestseller, and Buster and Annyong compete over women.


2004 Emmy Awards:[]

  • "Outstanding Comedy Series"
  • "Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series"
  • "Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series"
  • "Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series,"
  • "Outstanding Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series"

Other Awards[]

  • The 2004 TV Land Award for "Future Classic"
  • The Television Critics Association 2004 Awards for "Outstanding Comedy" and "Outstanding New Program"
  • The 2004 Writers Guild of America Award for best teleplay in an episodic comedy for the episode "Pier Pressure," written by Mitchell Hurwitz and Jim Vallely.
  • In 2004, the Golden Satellite Award for "Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical," along with best performance by an actor/actress in a supporting role, comedy or musical awards for Jeffrey Tambor and Jessica Walter.


Arresteddevelopment1 dvd-1

The DVD was released October 19, 2004. It included all 22 episodes, plus the extended pilot. Special features included:

  • "Breaking Ground: Behind the Scenes of Arrested Development" featurette
  • Ron Howard's inside look at Arrested Development
  • The Museum of Television & Radio cast panel discussion
  • Original songs by David Schwartz
  • "Arrested Development: The Making of a Future Classic" TV Land featurette
  • "TV Land Awards: The Future Classic Award" featurette
  • Promo spot

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