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Season Five marketing

Season Five marketing

The following events, images, videos, and posters were released by Netflix and Entertainment Weekly to build anticipation toward Arrested Development's return for Season Five.


Season Five production concluded in late 2017, with additional re-shoots in February 2018. On May 7, 2018 the release date of May 29, 2018 was announced by Netflix.

On May 17, 2017 Netflix announced that the Bluth Family would return in 2018. A press release was published, stating the entire original cast and series showrunner Mitch Hurwitz would return. Just like with Season Four, Netflix utilized both traditional marketing techniques (billboards and posters) as well as modern/viral marketing such as YouTube fan made videos and engagement via their official Facebook page and @ArrestedDev Twitter account.

Events & Panels[]

Recurring Events 2003 - 18[]


Stills from Trailer[]

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Promotional Photos[]

Character posters[]

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Social Marketing[]

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The official Arrested Development Twitter and Facebook accounts started the marketing campaign for Season Five by releasing the official trailer for Season Five, followed by highlights from the 2018 Season Five Netflix Premiere in LA, announcing Arrested Development competitions for fans and finally releasing character posters for members of the Bluth family.

Behind the Scenes[]

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During the filming of Arrested Development Season Four], the cast and crew posted selfies to their official social media accounts; giving fans a sneak peek at what was to come. The official Arrested Development Twitter account also live tweeted the 2018 Season Five Netflix Premiere in LA.