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Season Four timeline

Season Four timeline

Each episode of Season Four is told from the perspective of each focal character, with many events overlapping and crisscrossing. This timeline is an attempt to put them in chronological order.


Although there are some exceptions to make the timeline work, the order was determined by:

  1. Relation to events happening in other episodes (i.e. G.O.B. nearly hitting Michael in his limo.)
  2. Narration, captions, and dialog (i.e. "6 months ago")
  3. Calendar logic (i.e. school years starting in autumn, Thanksgiving is in November)
  4. Character outfits (i.e. Lucille wears a pink outfit in two episodes, signifying the same day.)


Feb 10, 2006 — Queen Mary[]

4x07 Colony Collapse (021)

G.O.B. and Ann on the morning of February 10, 2006. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")

Before Queen Mary[]

  • G.O.B. and Ann run from George Michael, G.O.B. plans on performing a big illusion on the Queen Mary. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")

On Queen Mary[]

Events of "Development Arrested".

At harbormaster's lodge[]

4x10 Queen B

Buster in the harbormaster's lodge on February 10, 2006 (4x10 — "Queen B.")

  • G.O.B. asks George Michael for approval to be with Ann. G.O.B. gets his 'yes' from George Michael. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")
  • George Michael talks with Maeby, they decide they shouldn't be a couple. Maeby decides to fail out of high school to get her parents' attention. (4x12 — "Señoritis")
  • Lindsay decides her relationship with Tobias is over. (4x3 — "Indian Takers") (4x5 — "A New Start")
  • Heard in the background of "Indian Takers" — John Beard says "opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics" (which was Feb 10, 2006.) 
  • George, Barry, Lucille, and Buster come up with draft testimony. Lucille is taken to jail. (4x10 — "Queen B.")

Later that night[]

  • G.O.B. breaks into Ann's house to break up with her. They have sex, and she accepts his 'proposal'. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")

Feb 11, 2006[]

4x14 Off the Hook (010)

Buster, home alone on February 11, 2006. (4x14 — "Off the Hook")

Feb 12, 2006[]

Feb-May 2006[]

4x03 Indian Takers (28)

Lindsay in India in Spring 2006 (4x3 — "Indian Takers")

May 2006 — Graduation party[]

4x13 It Gets Better (27)

George Michael's graduation party in May 2006 (4x13 — "It Gets Better")

Summer 2006[]

4x03 Indian Takers (41)

Tobias and Lindsay buy a house in Summer 2006 (4x3 — "Indian Takers")

Fall 2006[]

Nov 16, 2006[]

4x05 A New Start (44)

The Fünke's 2006 Thanksgiving "miracle" (4x5 — "A New Start")

Nov 23, 2006[]

  • Thanksgiving — The Funkes eat dinner together, not knowing it's Thanksgiving. (4x12 — "Señoritis")


March 2007[]

April 2007 — G.O.B.'s wedding[]

4x07 Colony Collapse (074)

G.O.B.'s wedding in April 2007 (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")

c. 11 days before trial

  • Tobias and Tony Wonder show up to G.O.B.'s wedding. G.O.B. is trapped in the boulder. Boulder is put in storage. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")

May 2007 — Day before trial[]

May 2007 — Trial[]

4x10 Queen B

Barry and Lucille at Lucille's trial in May 2007 (4x10 — "Queen B.")

May 2007 — 1 day after trial[]

May 2007 — 3 days after trial[]

4x07 Colony Collapse (090)

Ann, stood up at her wedding in May 2007 (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")

(14 days after wedding)

May–June 2007 — 3-10 days after trial[]

June 2007 — 10 days after trial[]

  • Sometime after that: (let's say a week) G.O.B. found by Locker Hawkers. Spends a week in the hospital. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")

June 2007 — 17 days after trial[]

4x07 Colony Collapse (111)

G.O.B. and Steve meet at and Jeremy Piven. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")

  • Week after G.O.B. is found in storage locker: Ann visits G.O.B. in hospital. Tells him that she sold his cave on Craigslist. Gives him a brochure, which inspires him to call Steve. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")
  • That night: G.O.B. meets Steve at and Jeremy Piven. Steve offers G.O.B. a job in pest control. G.O.B. meets underage Cherry & entourage. Rebel is there partying. G.O.B. helps entourage get away. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")

Late 2007[]


May 1, 2008[]

4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (100)

Lucille 2 cuts Michael a check for $700,000 on May 1, 2008 (4x1 — "Flight of the Phoenix")

Sometime 2008[]

  • US Government postpones wall project due to economy. (4x10 — "Queen B.")
  • George visits Lucille at L.I.T.E.. Tells her about Olive Garden. Lucille joins Triads by showing them smoking loophole. Gets them to pay for the wall. Calls George (at colony) to tell him news. He cries after hanging up.  (4x10 — "Queen B.")

Late 2008[]


Sometime 2009[]

4x05 A New Start (80)

Tobias and DeBrie in 2009 (4x5 — "A New Start")

  • Final episode of Scandalmakers about Carl Weathers. Tobias and DeBrie are both in episode. DeBrie collapses, Tobias rushes her to hospital. (4x4 — "The B. Team")
  • Tobias & DeBrie pose as FF characters on Hwd Bvd. They're kicked off Hwd Bvd, and in front of Disneyland. (4x5 — "A New Start") (could be anytime 2009-2012)

Late 2009[]


Late 2010[]

4x12 Señoritis (069)

Maeby's fourth senior year in high school, in 2010 (4x12 — "Señoritis")


January 2011[]

Summer 2011[]

4x06 Double Crossers (46)

Marky appears to George and Oscar as a divine spirit in summer 2011 (4x6 — "Double Crossers")

  • George is successful with Father B.'s Colony. Oscar is extremely exhausted. They see Marky as ostrich spirit. (4x2 — "Borderline Personalities")
  • Lindsay and Marky are living in desert with Marky's mom. They're not far from George's camp. Marky appears to George & Oscar as an ostrich spirit.  (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Marky's mom tells Lindsay that Lucille went to prison. Lindsay, Marky and Cindy move into the penthouse. When they walk in, they hear a scream (Maeby) from the bedroom. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Maeby is startled by Lindsay, Marky, and Cindy. Moves back to model home. (4x12 — "Señoritis")
  • Lucille 2 tires of Buster, kicks him out. He pawns jewels for cash and decides to rejoin the army. (4x14 — "Off the Hook")

August 2011[]

September 2011[]

Buster re-enlists on the day the military changes its don't ask don't tell policy, September 20, 2011. (4x14 — "Off the Hook")

October 2011[]

4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (106)

Pete the mailman dies near Thanksgiving 2011 (4x1 — "Flight of the Phoenix")


Early 2012[]

  • Lucille 2 is running against Herbert Love. She's adopted 17-yr-old Perfecto Telles and dresses him in a red wig. Perfecto calls protective services. (4x8 — "Red Hairing") Perfecto and Maeby start dating. (4x12 — "Señoritis")
4x14 Off the Hook (075)

Army gives Buster a big hand in early 2012 (4x14 — "Off the Hook")

  • G.O.B. collapses due to Stage 4 syphilis (takes minimum of 3 years for syphilis to become stage 4). Sneaks into Cherry's room and photographs him. As a result Cherry records "Getaway". (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")
  • (Narrator says 6 months after Buster joined army.) Buster panics while piloting a drone, sent to hospital. Gets a big hand. Lucille visits and swears him off. ("I haven't seen you in a year!" - Buster) Lucille quotes "Getaway" (4x14 — "Off the Hook")
  • Five weeks later, Buster is given cute test. Discharged, Ophelia invites him to move in. Buster dances with Love for a couple of rallys. Buster attends high school and protects the Love children. (4x14 — "Off the Hook")

Early April 2012[]

One day

4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (120)

The dorm vote, in April 2012 (4x1 — "Flight of the Phoenix")

Other day(s)

4x10 Queen B

The Jade Dragon Triads attempt to noodle stab Lucille in April 2012 (4x10 — "Queen B.")

April 16, 2012[]

4x08 Red Hairing (049)

Marky and Lindsay in the Balboa Towers penthouse on April 16, 2012 (4x8 — "Red Hairing")

  • (4 days before Opies) — Monday
  • Lindsay is living in penthouse with Marky. ("1 year later" than when they moved in) Lindsay has been spending time with Lucille 2, who gives her Perfecto's red wig. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Marky explains his plan to glitter bomb Love at fund-raiser. Cindy is in heat. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Lindsay finds Maeby's check for $50k. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Lindsay visits Lucille in prison. (Lindsay thinks that Maeby has been living with Tobias for the last year.) (4x8 — "Red Hairing")

April 17, 2012[]

  • (3 days before Opies) — Tues
  • Marky hides in Love's podium. Lindsay spends the next three nights sleeping in their camper. They leave Cindy behind in the penthouse. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Maeby returns to the penthouse for $50k check. (check found by Lindsay "one day earlier"). Maeby chases Cindy onto balcony. Finds Opie invite. (4x12 — "Señoritis")

April 19, 2012[]

4x05 A New Start (88)

Tobias rushes Lucille 2 to the hospital on April 19, 2012 (4x5 — "A New Start")

  • (1 day before Opies) — Thurs
  • Tobias finds DeBrie about to turn a trick. Tobias goes to penthouse, which has been wrecked by Cindy. Cindy is attacking Lucille 2 (who was previously singing "Getaway"). Tobias rushes Lucille 2 to hospital. (4x5 — "A New Start")
  • Lucille 2 offers Tobias a job at Austerity; he turns it down. (4x5 — "A New Start")
  • Johnny Bark (whom narrator says "is very much alive") tells G.O.B. that his bee colony is collapsing. G.O.B. collects bees and drives the limo to pick up entourage. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")
  • Tobias tells DeBrie that he turned down the job. She runs off. (4x5 — "A New Start")
  • G.O.B. picks up entourage and women, including DeBrie in Sue Storm outfit. (4x5 — "A New Start") Bee attack. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")
  • Tobias sleeps near dumpster, served with papers. He comes to see Maeby in model home. John Beard features Tobias on To Entrap a Local Predator.  (4x5 — "A New Start")

April 20, 2012 — Opies, Schnoodle, Love rally[]



4x02 Borderline Personalities (44)

After telling George to go to Herbert Love rally that evening, Barry confuses Oscar for George, and reveals George's plot to build the wall. (4x2 — "Borderline Personalities")

  • 7 ambulances pick up entourage. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")
  • Desert: George has lost his mojo. Barry says he has $15 million balloon payment due and urges George to visit Love ("he's got a rally tonight"). George asks Oscar to pretend to be him & visit Lucille. Barry gives Oscar a hint about the wall. (4x2 — "Borderline Personalities")



4x13 It Gets Better (84)

The Schnoodle press event, The Opie Awards, and Herbert Love's rally all take place at The Century Plaza hotel on April 20, 2012 (4x13 — "It Gets Better")

  • At Century Plaza: Herbert Love fund-raiser, Opie Awards, Tony Wonder for Schnoodle
  • George Michael drives Maeby to Opies. Maeby talks with Mort, catches up with Rebel. Brags about Fakeblock, George Michael says not to. George Michael introduces himself as George Maharis to Rebel. Maeby asks Perfecto if he's a cop, he says yes. (4x12 — "Señoritis") (4x13 — "It Gets Better")
  • Buster dances on Love's stage. (4x14 — "Off the Hook")
  • Coconut shrimp: Lindsay wears the red wig. She runs into George; she hasn't seen him for over a year ("since January"). She gives George Maeby's $50k check. George gives check to Love, who promises to support the wall. (4x6 — "Double Crossers") Maeby runs into Lindsay at shrimp, gains her respect about Marky's bomb. (4x8 — "Red Hairing") Tells her about her Lifetime Achievement award. (4x12 — "Señoritis")
  • G.O.B. sees that Tony Wonder is performing, tries to spike his box so it won't open. He spikes Marky's box instead. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")
  • Maeby accepts Opie, rants, runs away. (4x12 — "Señoritis")
4x08 Red Hairing (139)

Marky blue himself at the Opies on April 20, 2012 (4x8 — "Red Hairing")

April 21, 2012 — Colony collapse[]

  • (1 day after Opies) — Saturday
4x09 Smashed (04)

Tobias in prison on April 21, 2012 (4x9 — "Smashed")

  • Lindsay visits Marky in jail. He's been charged with non-Arab terrorism; she can't bail him out. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Tobias (no beard) is called by a guard in prison. (4x9 — "Smashed") (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Lindsay goes home to the penthouse, but gives up when she sees the ostrich warning on the door. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Michael (white shirt, khakis) sees Lindsay drinking from vodka in bag in purse in hallway of Balboa Towers (but doesn't recognize her). Comes back to penthouse, which has been wrecked by ostrich. (4x1 — "Flight of the Phoenix")
  • Lindsay goes to the model home to see Maeby. Maeby says that Tobias isn't there; the patio door is covered with cardboard following Predator show. Maeby encourages Lindsay to call Love in order to get Marky out of jail. Maeby arranges for a meeting at Ealing Club for Lindsay and Love. (4x8 — "Red Hairing") (4x12 — "Señoritis")
  • Meanwhile, George comes back to the border, and finds the tape up. George phones Love to flip-flop, but Love wants $120k. Barry is buying a stepladder. (white shirt, gold tie) (4x6 — "Double Crossers")
EW S4 Isla-Fisher

Michael meets Rebel on April 21, 2012 (4x4 — "The B. Team")

Barry tells Michael that Ron Howard wants to meet with him. (blue shirt, khakis) Barry is with Bob Loblaw proving that he can't reach the knob. (black jacket, purple shirt)(4x4 — "The B. Team")

  1. Michael (blue shirt, khakis) goes to Imagine, meets Kitty, meets with Ron. Ron has seen Michael in Altitude, which inspired him to make movie. Says he needs to get releases. (4x4 — "The B. Team")
  2. Meanwhile, Lucille (in prison) tells G.O.B. that it's time for Plan B — go see his father in the desert. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")
  3. Outside Imagine, Michael (blue shirt, khakis) talks to Barry on phone, who is being fingerprinted. (black jacket, purple shirt). Michael meets Rebel who invites him to the Ealing Club to see her band. (4x4 — "The B. Team") Michael walks off and G.O.B. swerves to miss him in the limo. (4x4 — "The B. Team")(4x7 — "Colony Collapse")

4x06 Double Crossers (39)

Father B's Colony collapses, George and Oscar fight on April 21, 2012 (4x6 — "Double Crossers")

  • G.O.B. comes to the border with a limo full of bees. The box fell over when he swerved to avoid an ostrich. The bees destroy the colony. Oscar rejects George. (4x6 — "Double Crossers") (daytime)
  • George Michael sees John Beard on fuel news about George Maharis and Fakeblock. (4x13 — "It Gets Better")
  • G.O.B. realizes that the sweat lodge is his wedding cave — finds a cross blocking the secret compartment. (daytime) (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")
  • At penthouse, Michael sees Oscar fooling around with Lucille 2. Oscar refuses to sign George's life rights to the movie in George's place. (nighttime) (4x4 — "The B. Team")

April 22, 2012 — 4-Favor family pact[]

  • (2 days after Opies) — Sunday
  • George goes to Dr. Norman for sexual help. Norman sends George for MRI. George buys Mexican porn at the same store as G.O.B. is having roofie circle. (4x6 — "Double Crossers")
  • Michael meets with Carl Weathers, Warden Gentles, Andy Richter. Ron sets up Michael at Orange County Imagine. (4x4 — "The B. Team")
4x08 Red Hairing (178)

The four favor family pact took place on April 22, 2012 (4x8 — "Red Hairing")

  • 4-Favor family pact George goes to OC Imagine. Michael says he knows Love, George signs movie form. (4x4 — "The B. Team")
  • George asks Michael to get Love to oppose the wall during his speech at Cinco. (4x6 — "Double Crossers")
  • Michael gets George's Balboa Club card. (4x8 — "Red Hairing") 
  • Michael agrees to sign away rights to Bluth Company (by visiting Lucille at L.I.T.E.). (4x10 — "Queen B.")
  • Michael finds Ron Howard at Ealing Club & tells him he has George's signature. Ron says he needs George Michael's signature. Michael meets up with Rebel again. They make out in photo booth. (4x4 — "The B. Team")
  • George visits Lucille in prison. Her plan is to have Love oppose the wall, but after they've built enough to trigger the government payment. (4x6 — "Double Crossers") (4x10 — "Queen B.") George tells Lucille that he fired G.O.B. for causing colony collapse; Lucille tells him to get G.O.B. another job. (4x6 — "Double Crossers")
  • Tobias (bearded) calls Lucille 2 from prison. Starts at Austerity. Mark Cherry is 23. DeBrie hasn't had any drugs for 6 weeks. (this can't possibly be right, unless Opies were in March.) (4x9 — "Smashed")

April 23, 2012 — Ealing Club[]

4x06 Double Crossers (68)

Michael gives G.O.B. a job on April 23, 2012 (4x6 — "Double Crossers")

  • George calls Michael, asks him to give G.O.B. a job. Michael is on his way to Sudden Valley driving Google car. G.O.B. is driving limo with huge cross; he's going to leave it as a memorial for Pete. They're both dating someone famous. G.O.B. and Michael enter the model home and hear a cry. They find hard lemonade left behind from Predator show. They get drunk and talk about Rebel; G.O.B. suggests that Michael invite George Michael to Ealing Club to show him that he's successful. (4x6 — "Double Crossers")
  • Maeby brags about Fakeblock press to George Michael at UCI. (4x12 — "Señoritis") Says "I wouldn't get in bed with you on this thing if I didn't trust you," George Michael decides to keep the lie up. (4x13 — "It Gets Better") G.O.B. calls George Michael, asks him to meet at Gothic Castle. (4x7 — "Colony Collapse") (4x13 — "It Gets Better")
  • G.O.B. and George Michael meet at the Gothic Castle. G.O.B. tells George Michael about Michael meeting him at Ealing club. (4x11 — "A New Attitude")
  • G.O.B. and Tony flirt after Tony's show, have fun on the town. (4x11 — "A New Attitude")
  • George Michael arrives at Ealing Club. Meets with Rebel, they flirt. (4x13 — "It Gets Better")
4x08 Red Hairing (177)

Lindsay and Michael trade favors at the Ealing Club on April 23, 2012 (4x8 — "Red Hairing")

  • Lindsay and Love get together at the Ealing Club. They get a room. Lindsay runs into Michael (black "Michael B. Project" shirt and jacket) at the Ealing Club, and he asks her to get Love to oppose the wall. Lindsay asks Michael to get Warden Gentles to free Marky. Lindsay signs Michael's form. After talking to Lindsay, Michael can't get into the Ealing Club. He calls George Michael and pretends he's stuck in traffic. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • George Michael and Michael have an extended lie phone tag game. (4x13 — "It Gets Better")
  • George Michael returns to Rebel, they hop in photobooth and kiss. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • Michael gets access to club (via Rocky Richter), talks to Ron by the photobooth. (4x13 — "It Gets Better")
  • Lindsay has sex with Love. He gives her a heart necklace and hires her for his campaign as his key advisor. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Meanwhile — George makes a video driving around the "wall" with Buster. (4x6 — "Double Crossers")

April 24, 2012 — Balboa Club[]

4x09 Smashed (33)

G.O.B. sells Tobias the model home (4x9 — "Smashed")

S4 TIME photo (01)

Michael and Rebelel at the Balboa Club on April 24, 2012 (4x8 — "Red Hairing")

  1. Michael takes Rebel to Balboa Club, using George's card. Lindsay shows up with Love. Rebel fights with Love. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  2. George Michael calls Michael and asks if they can get together; Michael is stung by George Michael's Ealing Club lies and says no. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  3. George Michael then calls Rebel, asks her to come over. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  4. Rebel receives call, leaves Michael. (4x9 — "Smashed")
  5. Michael kicks Lindsay out of movie. (4x9 — "Smashed")
  6. Michael calls George Michael, who pushes him off while cleaning for Rebel. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  7. Argyle calls in $700,000 debt from Michael. (4x9 — "Smashed")
  8. Lindsay leaves Balboa Club — runs into Marky, who's out of jail. He plans to bomb Love's boat at Cinco, then go to Mexico and reunite with his mother. (the next scene is Cinco and narrator says "so the next night at Cinco". mistake?) (4x8 — "Red Hairing")

April 25, 2012[]

4x15 Blockheads (040)

George Michael is voted out of his dorm on April 25, 2012 (4x15 — "Blockheads")

  • Wed — day after Balboa Club
  • Love is planning to take his wife to see the American Ocean. (unseen) (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Rebel leaves the dorm. George Michael is voted out of his dorm by P-Hound and twins. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • G.O.B. arrives at UC Irvine and tries to feed George Michael a Forget-Me-Now. George Michael buys a Sudden Valley house. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • Lucille Bluth is admitted to Austerity. (4x9 — "Smashed") Tobias theralyzes her. (4x10 — "Queen B.")
  • G.O.B. tries to hire a Mexican crew to build the wall, but can't. (4x11 — "A New Attitude")
  • Tobias and Argyle are happy with the progress made in the show. Tobias suggests raising cash to do a boadway-calibre version. Argyle tells him to get the rights to Fantastic 4(4x9 — "Smashed") Argyle suggests they need a villain. (4x10 — "Queen B.")

April 26, 2012[]

4x15 Blockheads (054)

George Michael is welcomed to his new home in Sudden Valley on April 26, 2012 (4x15 — "Blockheads")

  • Thursday
  • Tobias goes to model home, runs into Michael. Theralyze about Rebel and Tobias supports idea of visiting Ron Howard. (4x9 — "Smashed")
  • Sudden Valley sex offenders welcome George Michael to neighborhood. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • G.O.B. meets China Garden in Mexico, she agrees to hire a crew. Tony calls, says "lets meet at Little Ballroom on Saturday." (4x11 — "A New Attitude")

April 27, 2012[]

More S4 promo (4x09 01)

Michael meets with Ron Howard on April 27, 2012 (4x9 — "Smashed")

  • Friday
  • Tobias (turquoise tile shirt) and Michael (blue pants, white waffle shirt) visit Ron during haircut. Michael thinks Rebel is Ron's lover. Ron promises to keep Rebel from Michael. Tobias strangles Ron. Tobias gives Michael signature, Michael kicks him out of the movie. (4x9 — "Smashed")
  • Rebel visits George Michael at his new house, she thinks he's too serious. George Michael meets Lem. Sex offenders move out of Sudden Valley. (4x15 — "Blockheads")

April 28, 2012[]

4x10 Queen B

Michael hires Gene to follow G.O.B. on April 28, 2012 (4x10 — "Queen B.")


  • Tobias theralyzes Lucille again, writes casting notes for Lucia. Lucille breaks down in therapy. Hears about the performance of Fantastic 4 at Cinco. Volunteers. (4x10 — "Queen B.")
  1. Michael takes flowers to Rebel's house, talks with Lem. Rips open dead dove bag. (4x10 — "Queen B.")
  2. Oscar calls for Lucille 2, gets Lucille. She thinks its George. Tells him about her plan to flee country via boat on Cinco. Tells him Gene Parmesan has photos of Lindsay and Love. Has not yet given them to Ophelia. (4x10 — "Queen B.")
  3. Michael arrives at Austerity. Lucille signs movie release and Michael signs Bluth Company release. Lucille tells Michael "I hear you're dating an actress who's also dating Ron Howard." (from G.O.B. the other day?) Michael: "Ron Howard is her father". (4x10 — "Queen B.")
  4. Lucille has Michael hire Gene to follow G.O.B., who they both believe is George Maharis. (4x10 — "Queen B.")
  • Michael and Gene drive around in Google car. Gene looks through binoculars. (4x10 — "Queen B.")
  • G.O.B. drives to My Little Ballroom. Michael and Gene follow. Fight in ballpit. Michael kicks G.O.B. out of movie. Kid punches Michael in eye. (4x11 — "A New Attitude")
  • G.O.B. goes to Tony's. Steals mask. They flirt. "Same." Make plans to sleep together on Cinco. (4x11 — "A New Attitude")

Sometime April 29-May 3 []

May 2[]

4x12 Señoritis (167)

Maeby shows George Michael his new Fakeblock office minutes before she is fired (4x12 — "Señoritis")

  • Maeby rents a Fakeblock office. Trades George Michael the stair car for Lucille 2's car. (4x12 — "Señoritis")
  • George Michael tells Maeby that he and Rebel are on the outs. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • Maeby shows George Michael the Fakeblock office, says speech at cinco de quatro is in two days, is fired. (4x12 — "Señoritis") (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • Maeby goes to penthouse, meets Michael. Signs movie rights. (4x12 — "Señoritis")
  • Maeby tells Michael how to get Rebel (to spite George Michael). (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • Maeby sleeps with Perfecto, is seen by Lucille 2. (4x12 — "Señoritis")
  • Michael heads to Rebel's house, acts nonchalant. They make love. He steals picture of George Michael and Rebel accidentally. "Shit." (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • Michael drives Google car, tells Maeby (in bed with Perfecto) she's out of the movie. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • Michael drives to Sudden Valley to deal with G.O.B., but talks with George Michael about his new house and their girlfriends (Michael knows it is Rebel). (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • Michael returns to penthouse, finds threatening note from Argyle. Michael has a drink. (4x15 — "Blockheads")

May 3, 2012[]

4x14 Off the Hook (109)

Ophelia seduces Buster on May 3, 2012 (4x14 — "Off the Hook")


  • Ophelia shows Buster pictures of Lindsay and Herbert, Buster wants her to adopt him, she wants revenge sex. They sleep together. (4x14 — "Off the Hook")

May 4, 2012 — Cinco de Cuatro[]



  • "After spending the night w/ Ophelia Love," Buster went to proudly visit his mother at Austerity. Tells her about Ophelia. Buster leaves, runs into Michael who is going to rip up Lucille's movie rights. Buster signs. (4x14 — "Off the Hook")
  • Michael returns to Lucille, rips up film contract. George is on phone, Michael tells him about sex offenders, rips up contract. (4x11 — "A New Attitude")
  • Buster returns to the Love home, Ophelia dumps him. He steals pictures of Herbert and Lindsay, knocks himself out. Narrator: "It was the night of Cinco". (4x14 — "Off the Hook")


4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (001)

Cinco de Cuatro, literally "five of four" takes place on May 4, 2012 (4x1 — "Flight of the Phoenix")

  • Buster awakes, hurries to Cinco. (4x14 — "Off the Hook")
  • Oscar preps a boat. Oscar kisses Lucille 2. (4x10 — "Queen B.")
  • Michael tells George that he's going to pay Lucille 2 back. He tells George that Love will speak against the wall. (4x6 — "Double Crossers")
  • Lucille 2 confronts George; she's mad that George gave money to support the wall. George tells her that he's now against the wall. Lucille 2 threatens George — if Love doesn't oppose the wall, then she'll talk about it in her speech. (4x6 — "Double Crossers")
  • George finds Dr. Norman throwing pills into water. Dr. Norman says that George has low testosterone, high estrogen. (4x6 — "Double Crossers")
  • Austerity van arrives. (4x9 — "Smashed")
  • Lucille mocks DeBrie. (4x9 — "Smashed")
  • G.O.B. hires Mongol horde, promises them money. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • George Michael finds G.O.B., asks for relationship advice. G.O.B. tells him "Love Each Other". (4x15 — "Blockheads")
4x10 Queen B

Lucille and Oscar kiss at Cinco de Cuatro (4x10 — "Queen B.")

4x09 Smashed (89)

Tobias finds DeBrie in the debris (4x9 — "Smashed")

  • Lucille 2 sees Tobias and DeBrie in debris. Tells Tobias he's going to lose his job. (4x9 — "Smashed")
  • Lindsay talks to Love, he dumps her. She can't throw money. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Tobias laughs at Lindsay trying to throw money (4x9 — "Smashed")
  • Maeby meets with David, tells her he gave Lindsay the money. (4x12 — "Señoritis")
  • Feinberg serves DeBrie in debris, Tobias takes her wig. (4x9 — "Smashed")
  • Tobias finds Lucille, asks her to be Invisible Girl. Lucille has a breakthrough, wants to thank Lucille 2 for her clinic. Walks off. (4x10 — "Queen B.")
  • G.O.B. finds out Ann has a baby with Tony. Gets Ann back to the model home for revenge sex. (4x11 — "A New Attitude")
  • Tobias blue himself. (4x9 — "Smashed")
4x12 Señoritis (174)

Lindsay makes good with Maeby (4x12 — "Señoritis")

4x01 - Michael Bluth and Lucille Austero 01

Michael attempts to seduce Lucille Austero (4x1 — "Flight of the Phoenix")

  • Michael has black eye, wearing a powder blue shirt. Lucille 2 and Sally on stair car; she's in middle of campaign. Michael says he wants to have sex w/ Lucille 2 for money. Gives her a bandage on her forehead. (4x1 — "Flight of the Phoenix") She turns down his advances and gives him a scratch and forehead bandage. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • G.O.B. asks George for money to pay the Mongol horde to build the wall. George says there's no money, slinks away. G.O.B. tells the horde they have no money. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • Blowback. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • Mongols steal Lindsay's necklace on Love's stage, she begins chanting to put up the wall. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
4x15 Blockheads (114)

George Michael gives the Fakeblock keynote (4x15 — "Blockheads")

Later that night:

4x11 A New Attitude (88)

Tony and G.O.B. prepare to sleep together on the night of Cinco (4x11 — "A New Attitude")

  • G.O.B. and Ann plan how to have revenge sex. Tony arrives, Ann tricks him into sleeping with G.O.B.. (4x11 — "A New Attitude")
  • Michael (in banana stand shirt) has done something he regrets, lost control. He finds G.O.B. post-sex with Tony. G.O.B. gives Michael Forget-Me-Now. (4x1 — "Flight of the Phoenix")
  • George Michael goes to Rebel's house, they sleep together. (4x15 — "Blockheads")

May 5, 2012[]

4x15 Blockheads (123)

George Michael discovers his father's lies on May 5, 2012 (4x15 — "Blockheads")

  • Michael wakes up, forgetful. Calls Lucille 2 and propositions her. Calls Rebel, who tells him to come over later, she is secretly in bed with George Michael. (4x11 — "A New Attitude") She and George Michael agree to get serious. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • Outside Rebel's house George Michael and Michael discover they're both seeing Rebel. George Michael discovers * Michael already knows. Punches him in the face. (4x15 — "Blockheads")
  • Cops come to the penthouse to question George about Lucille 2's disappearance; George is dressed as a woman. (first mention of Lucille 2's disappearance in show.) (4x6 — "Double Crossers")
  • Sally Sitwell is interviewed by news about Lucille 2's disappearance, as "Vote for Sitwell" is painted on stair car. (4x12 — "Señoritis")
  • At Sudden Valley, Buster asks George Michael (no nose bandage) to borrow Fakeblock. Attempts to delete security footage. (4x14 - "Off the Hook")
  • Lucille calls G.O.B., tells him Lucille 2 has disappeared and he is president. Tony (who took a forget-me-now) calls G.O.B.. (4x15 — "Blockheads")

Later 2012[]

4x15 Blockheads (133)

Several days after Cinco de Cuatro, Buster is arrested for Lucille Austero's murder (4x15 — "Blockheads")

  • Lindsay goes to OC Imagine for a pap smear, runs into Michael. (4x6 — "Double Crossers") (This doesn't have to be after Cinco... it's anytime after Michael gets the job at OCI. Doesn't change anything.)
  • Days after Cinco — Love found in coma, Lindsay has Hillary Clinton hair. (4x8 — "Red Hairing")
  • At school, Maeby is arrested for being a sex offender. (4x12 — "Señoritis")
  • George Michael is sued by P-hound about Fakeblock. Barry mentions Lucille 2 is missing. (4x13 — "It Gets Better")
  • Buster is arrested for Lucille 2's disappearance. (4x15 — "Blockheads")


  • Two years before the 2012 Love rally at the Plaza hotel Oscar and friends burn Mexico border signs. But the Father B. Colony was set up around 2007. (4x6 — "Double Crossers")
  • Tobias' storyline has several issues:
    • In "A New Start" he is sleeping by the dumpster is "3 weeks after" G.O.B.'s night driving DeBrie and the bees. Tobias then goes to see Maeby and ends up on To Entrap a Local Predator. But the bee attack is the day before the Opies, which is two weeks before Cinco.
    • Events in "Smashed" have some issues due to the closeness of the Opies and Cinco: Tobias is seen the day after the Opies in jail with no beard.Then he is seen on the phone with a beard. Then he starts Austerity, and DeBrie says she's been sober for 6 weeks. When the musical is finally performed, narrator says they rehearsed for weeks.
      • The only explanation I can come up with is that the bee attack happened earlier (March 29?) and G.O.B. didn't realize because he was in a roofie circle.
  • Maeby was fired from Imagine the day of/after Lucille's trial (May 2007). She moves into penthouse until Marky and Lindsay move into penthouse (Summer 2011). She then is a senior for 3 more years, but there's only one year between 2011 and 2012. It is reflected on the timeline that she was a senior while living at the penthouse. (4x12 — "Señoritis")
  • Michael finds G.O.B.'s dead dove in Rebel Alley's fridge about a week before Cinco ("Queen B.") yet G.O.B. puts the dove in her handbag at and Steven Pine in 2007 (4x7 — "Colony Collapse"). Has the dove been in the fridge all that time?
  • 6 years pass, but George Michael was only in school for 5. His year abroad has been stretched into 2 years. (4x13 — "It Gets Better")
  • George buys his Mexican porn after the colony collapsed, G.O.B. is seeing buying roofies. Is G.O.B. still in his roofie circle? (4x7 — "Colony Collapse")
  • Pete dies in Autumn 2011. (4x1 — "Flight of the Phoenix") James Carr kills himself after the housing market crashes (March 2007) but before the Fünkes go to Methadone Clinic (Nov. 2007). An RIPete procession appears in the bg of James Carr's funeral. (4x5 — "A New Start")
    • This would only make sense if Michael stayed at Sudden Valley post-Pete for 4 years, but "Flight of the Phoenix" makes it sound like Pete's death was the last straw.
    • Or if James stayed alive and took his life much later.
  • George Michael studies abroad from 2009-2011. (4x13 — "It Gets Better") Buster crashes while piloting a drone in 2012 because "Getaway" has been released. (4x14 — "Off the Hook")
    • Either it was a different drone strike (most likely) or Buster was in the army a lot longer (less likely) or in army hospital a lot longer (less likely).
  • At the Penthouse meeting Buster says that Christmas "was seven weeks ago", putting this meeting (and therefore George Michael's graduation) mid-February. But the Queen Mary sunk mid-February, and the party is three months after.
    • Buster lives at home and spends all of his time alone or with Lucille. He most likely does not keep track of dates. Also, the Bluths are terrible at math.
  • The Bluths announce that they have received a stimulus package at the Family Meeting in 2006. However, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (aka the stimulus package) was not passed until February 2009.


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