Sergeant Wendell Baker

Sergeant Wendell Baker is Buster's army sergeant
Actor: Cedric Yarbrough — First Appearance: "Sad Sack"

Sergeant Wendell Baker was Buster's army sergeant while at boot camp.

Character history

Season two

Sergeant Baker in "Sad Sack"

Sergeant Baker in "Sad Sack"

When Buster was in boot camp, Sergeant Baker was not allowed to use any abusive language to motivate him due to a recent lawsuit by Wayne Jarvis on behalf of James Alan Spangler (whom he apparently called "Private Homo"). Because he couldn't be motivated, Buster couldn't climb a wall. Buster then enlisted G.O.B.'s help in providing motivation. ("Sad Sack")


  • Sad Sack was a comic strip created by Sergeant George Baker after WWII about an incompetent solider.


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