4x03 Indian Takers (01)

Shuturmurg, India
Appearances: "Indian Takers", "A New Start", "Señoritis"

Shuturmurg is a fictional town in India.


It was the destination for Lindsay and Tobias' individual holidays. It is also the setting of Gangie on the Ganges: Eat, Prey, Love, Run!, the sequel to Maeby's horror movie Gangie. The Hindi Śutura murga means ostrich, a theme prominent in Season Four.

The Market

4x03 Indian Takers (04)

Lindsay took a flight to India where, after a brief shopping spree because she grabbed the wrong luggage at the airport ("Indian Takers")

The Airport

4x03 Indian Takers (21)

After reading the first two thirds of Eat, Pray, Love Lindsay decided to visit India for a spiritual awakening ("Indian Takers")

4x05 A New Start (25)

Like Lindsay, decided to take a spiritual trip to India with the mantra "A New Start" ("A New Start")

4x12 Señoritis (32)

Maeby went to India to film Gangie on the Ganges ("Señoritis")

The Hotel

4x03 Indian Takers (26)

The concierge informed Lindsay that her AmEx card was maxed out and her Shaman visit was cancelled ("Indian Takers")

4x12 Señoritis (036)

Maeby saw her mother; she then put on Hollywood makeup and talked to Lindsay as her Shaman Sheman {("Señoritis")

The Hospital

4x05 A New Start (27)

After spilling tea on his sarong in the airplane and retying it Tobias was hit by a bus. He spent two weeks in a hospital ("A New Start")

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