Skip's Scramble

Skip's Scramble
Appearances: "Out on a Limb", "Development Arrested" — Mentions: "Hand to God"

Menu: Too many choices? Menu too big to swallow? Let Skip server you up a scram that has something from every dish in the menu. It will knock you into next week! $47.95 a la carte. $57.95 Egg whites only.

Narrator: Don't order the Skip's Scramble.  

 From "Out on a Limb"

The Skip's Scramble is a breakfast platter of every available item on the menu at Skip Church's Bistro.


The Bluth family eating Scrambles, from "Development Arrested"

The platter was introduced when Michael and Sally ate breakfast on a date. Concurrently, Loretta was suing Skip Church's Bistro for making her fat as a side effect of eating too many Scrambles. She used Maggie Lizer as her attorney. ("Out on a Limb") It turned out Loretta was pregnant with Officer Carter and Officer Taylor's baby. ("Hand to God")

G.O.B. Bluth and his future Wife apparently each ate a Skip's Scramble as one of their escalating dares which eventually leads to their marriage. ("Out on a Limb")

The Bluth family orders several Skip's Scrambles to celebrate George's exoneration. ("Development Arrested")


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