Skip Church's Bistro

Skip Church's Bistro
Appearances: Out on a Limb", Self-Deportation", Everyone Gets Atrophy" — Mentions: "Hand to God", "Development Arrested"

Skip Church's Bistro is a restaurant in Newport Beach at Oceanside Wharf near the Banana Stand. The name is a pun on people skipping Sunday church to go eat brunch.


Michael and Sally Sitwell dine here on a Sunday morning and share a Skip's Scramble. The Scramble is a huge platter, sampling everything the bistro has to offer. Concurrently, George Michael and Maeby shut down the banana stand for an hour to have breakfast. ("Out on a Limb")

Loretta works at this restaurant and sues them for making her gain weight. Turns out she was actually pregnant. Nonetheless the Skip's Scramble is very unhealthy and probably shouldn't be eaten. ("Hand to God")

The Bluth family eats Skip's Scrambles when they learn George has been released from prison and cleared of all charges. ("Development Arrested")

The shoot is catered by an apparent branch of Skip Church’s Bistro - first seen in "Out on a Limb". This time the pun is extended from "skips church" to "skips town and church". ("Self-Deportation") ("Everyone Gets Atrophy")


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