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Slowbrooke School

Slowbrooke School is a school in Orange County
Appearances: "For British Eyes Only", "Forget-Me-Now"

Slowbrooke School is the school Rita Leeds attends. Michael asks where he can find her and she replies "Slowbrooke" and Michael, unaware she is an MRF, assumes she is a teacher. "I like to think they teach me." Michael later visits her at the school, but she has blue paint on her hand. ("For British Eyes Only")

To be nice to Rita, the Bluth family picks her up in the family cabin from Slowbrooke. ("Forget-Me-Now")


Rita: Oh, no, not in the morning, no. I’ll be back at Slowbrooke.

Michael: Slowbrooke. The private school? Oh, you teach kids, huh?

Rita: I like to think they teach me.

Michael: Like what, how to eat crayons, throw tantrums...

Rita: Oh, no, not when I’m there. I’m very good.  

 From "For British Eyes Only"