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Storming the Castle

"Storming the Castle"
Directors: Greg Mottola — Writer: Brad Copeland — Aired: January 4, 2004 — Icon-image      

"Storming the Castle" is the ninth episode of Arrested Development's first season.

Michael cannot go through with his plan to break up G.O.B. and Marta. A thug magician wants to take G.O.B.'s "legs". Maeby wears all leather to get back at her mother, and Lucille decides to confront Buster's relationship with Lucille 2.


1x09 Storming the Castle (38)

G.O.B., Marta, and Michael[]

Michael performs a cost-projection analysis for a shopping center when he decides he wants to take a nice leather chair from the office for the model home. While riding his bike to work a man named Rollo threatens G.O.B.'s legs. Michael finds his brother at the Playtime Pizza Theater and finds out the legs are just his assistant for the saw the lady in half illusion, with whom G.O.B. is sleeping.

Michael, jealous of G.O.B.'s girlfriend Marta, stages a ploy to break them up after G.O.B. steals his watch. He convinces Rollo to let G.O.B. perform at the Gothic Castle where the legs and Marta would discover they are both being cheated on by G.O.B.. Pleased with his plan, Michael treats himself by taking a leather chair from the office. At the show the legs do not show and George Michael stands in with his feminine legs. The act is a success, and G.O.B. reunites with Marta afterwards. However, the Alliance of Magicians refuses to re-admit G.O.B. after discovering the identities of his two assistants.

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Buster, Lucille, and Lucille[]

Lucille is getting upset at Buster's arrogance about his relationship with Lucille Austero. She takes Buster to visit George at prison to straighten him out but after his recent conversion to Judaism George is only supportive of Buster. At G.O.B.'s magic show, Lucille's anger only draws Buster and Lucille 2 closer together. When Lucille Bluth sees how happy Marta makes G.O.B. she decides to give her youngest son her blessing. She befriends Lucille 2 again and Buster has a panic attack.

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Leather Daddy[]

When Lindsay tells Michael she is anti-leather Maeby decides to be pro-leather to spite her. George Michael joins in and they both get leather outfits. Tobias, trying to bond with his daughter, buys a "Leather Daddy" outfit. Lindsay doesn't notice the leather to Maeby's chagrin. Tobias wears the outfit to the magic show and accidentally ends up at the Gothic Asshole where he joins the Whips-and-Snaps Barbershop Quartet.


1x09 Storming the Castle (08)
1x09 Storming the Castle (18)
  • Marc Grapy as Rollo
  • Kennedy Kabasares as Lance
  • Robert Hallak as Stagehand
  • Regi Davis as Prison Guard
  • Don Took as Cab Driver
  • Jamie Bullock as G.O.B.'s legs

Recurring Themes[]

Callbacks/Running Jokes[]

1x09 Storming the Castle (24)
1x09 Storming the Castle (56)
1x09 Storming the Castle (23)
1x09 Storming the Castle (51)
1x09 Storming the Castle (42)
1x09 Storming the Castle (69)
  • Escape attempt - The narrator mentions that George Sr. had been placed in solitary confinement after a failed escape attempt. In DVD episode order, the incident mentioned is most likely referring to his escape attempt in "In God We Trust". However, since another episode aired between these in broadcast order, it could also be interpreted as another escape attempt, something George Sr. is prone to doing on the show.
  • Freedom Sign Guy - The man holding the "Freedom" sign from the "Pilot" is seen leaving the Gothic Asshole. This is his second appearance in the show.
  • "Gahb" Bluth - This is the second time someone mispronounces G.O.B.'s name as it's spelled. The first time was in the "Pilot".
  • G.O.B.'s promiscuity - G.O.B. is cheating on his girlfriend Marta with a woman from his magic act.
  • Hole in his Heart - Lucille says that Buster has a "hole in his heart," (cardiac shunt) a fact that's mentioned several times throughout the series.
  • Religious Conversion - George Sr. discovers Judaism after the sun casts an image of the Star of David on the cell walls. George Sr.'s habit of converting religion over coincidental images is later demonstrated again in "The Immaculate Election".
  • The Gothic Castle - This is the first time The Gothic Castle is mentioned/appears on the show. The Bluths go there again in "Sword of Destiny". It is believed The Gothic Castle is based on Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA.
  • The Final Countdown - This is the first time G.O.B. uses Europe's "The Final Countdown" during his magic shows. This later becomes his magic theme, appearing the next time in "Missing Kitty".
  • Never Nude - Tobias is wearing cutoffs under his leather outfit.
  • Is Tobias gay? - More jokes are made about Tobias' sexuality.
    • When trying to get at the frozen ice cream, he says "You have to be some sort of She-Hulk to get this."
    • When he refers to selling his wedding ring for money his "purse" is overflowing with money.
    • Tobias dresses up as a "leather daddy" and accidentally ends up at a gay nightclub known as The Gothic Asshole. At the end of the episode, Tobias reveals he has joined a gay barbershop quartet, "Whip and Snaps," that performs at The Gothic Asshole.
  • Chair lean - Michael topples over backwards while leaning back in his chair.

Hidden/Background Jokes[]

1x09 Storming the Castle (33)
  • "I appreciate your time" - When G.O.B. shakes Michael's hand, he tells him that he appreciates his time. Later on, Michael realises that G.O.B. stole his watch when he did this, adding a double-meaning to the "appreciate your time" line.

Foreshadowing/Future References[]

1x09 Storming the Castle (61)
1x09 Storming the Castle (58)
  • Buster's Genitalia - The first reference to something being wrong with Buster's genitalia comes in this episode. When it is revealed that Lucille Austero changed him as a child, Buster says "That's why she didn't look surprised." While listing his various physical problems in "The One Where They Build a House" in order to get out of Army, Buster reveals that his reproductive organ looks like a "lobster tail, but without its shell."
  • G.O.B.'s magic - In the opening to his act, as G.O.B. produces scarves one is held plastered to his face by an offscreen fan. This happens again in the episode titled "Missing Kitty" at the beginning of his disappearing yacht trick.
  • Tobias Blue Man - Tobias wears a shirt with a pattern of blue men on it, forshadowing his time as an understudy for the Blue Man Group.


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1x09 Storming the Castle (25)
  • This is the episode where George Sr. converts to Judaism, a prominent character change throughout the middle of Season One (a storyline that eventually fizzles out after "Altar Egos", though he does continue to wear a yarmulke throughout the rest of the season).
  • This episode is rated TV-PG-L.


1x09 Storming the Castle (10)
  • A boom mic briefly drops into shot when Marta's children are running away, in the scene where G.O.B. is demonstrating his new "real apple, real neck" trick.
  • Although Maeby tells George Michael that his legs look just like her just-shaved legs, in a close-up, it is clear that George Michael's legs are not hairless.
  • At the "On the next... Arrested Development" segment, when Michael decides to take the T.V. from work, he actually is shown riding away with a totally different T.V. than the one he was looking at in his office.


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