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The Bar in Mexico

The Bar in Mexico is a rehab clinic owned by Lucille Austero

Main Events[]

5x02 Self-Deportation (033)

Maeby and George Michael

Maeby Fünke and George Michael Bluth end up in the Mexican bar after the Stair car breaks down. ("Self-Deportation")

George Michael says that some American students staying in Mexico have invited them to move in, but Maeby's not interested. George Michael confesses about Fakeblock not being real, and Maeby says she already figured it out by snooping on his computer. She is seeking some new goal in life, some new "goop" of her own.
5x02 Self-Deportation (046)

Oscar and Lindsay

Lindsay Bluth Fünke successfully crosses the Mexican border, in her limousine and runs into Oscar Bluth.("Self-Deportation")

Lindsay runs into Oscar at a bar in Mexico, but thinks he's her father George. The Mexican bartender tells Lindsay that "puta night is Thursday" which she takes as a compliment. In Spanish slang, "puta" means "whore."
5x03 - Everyone Gets Atrophy (033)

Lucille and Lindsay

Lucille Bluth calls Lindsay Bluth Fünke and asks her to run for Congress.("Everyone Gets Atrophy")

Lindsay got a call from her mom asking her to run for office. Lindsay, in turn, called Maeby and asked her to be her campaign manager. George Senior reveals that the family is getting an award for being Family of the Year. Well, the Bluth Company is basically giving it to them. Lucille 2's whereabouts are still unknown.