The Ealing Club

The Ealing Club
Appearances: "Red Hairing" "Blockheads"

The Ealing Club is a private club in Los Angeles, Calfornia. It is frequently visited by several characters in Arrested Development namely Lindsay, Herbert Love, Michael, George Michael, Rebel, and Ron Howard, Argyle Austero and Lucille Austero.

The Set

We had one location called the Ealing Club, a private members-only club kind of like the Soho House. We actually shot that in three or four different locations, and I tried to make it all cohesive. There's one big scene in the club's lobby that sets the look of the place.  

 Jennifer Lukehart Arrested Development's Set Decorator on The Ealing Club set



Lindsay and Herbert Love run into Michael and Rebel, the very liberal Rebel and very conservative Love argue politics over dinner while Michael attempts to keep Herbert's approval.

Outside the club, Lindsay reunites with the newly freed Marky who tells her of his next plan: to paint bomb Love at his Cinco de Cuatro speech.

Also, Annyong Bluth gets deported for spending to much money on The Bluth credit card; which ironically he was using to take revenge on The Bluth Family.("Red Hairing")

Michael then runs into the Lucille and Argyle Austero who call in his $700,000 debt. ("Smashed")

Michael receives a call from George Michael who wants to hang out but Michael blows him off. George Michael meets back up with Rebel in The Ealing Club. They both see their fathers approaching so thy duck into a photobooth and make out. Michael runs into Ron Howard and starts about the trouble he is having with George Michael ("Blockheads")

Many characters made love in The Ealing Club Photobooth in season Four of Arrested Development, namely Lindsay with Herbert Love and Michael / George Michael with Rebel

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