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The Guilty Guys

The Guilty Guys
Appearances: "The Untethered Sole", "Saving for Arraignment Day"

  David "G-Man" Barnes: We'd like to enter a plea of... guilty
From "Saving for Arraignment Day"

The Guilty Guys are an organization of experienced lawyers who defend only guilty people.


The Guilty Guys are recommended by Barry to the Bluths to defend Buster, saying that they are who he'd hire if he were guilty of murder. Michael interprets this phrasing as saying that they are so effective at their jobs that they could get an obviously guilty man cleared of charges, but in actuality, they specialize solely in negotiating lenient guilty pleas - something the Bluths only realize at Buster's court appearance and after a vast amount of billable hours spent on irrelevancies such as clearing Ann and the deceased Uncle Jack as suspects. When Michael clarifies that he wants Buster to be found not guilty, The Guilty Guys immediately leave and go to the Side Bar to party.


  • David "G-Man" Barnes
  • Shara Winfield
  • Jack Griffin
  • Garrison "Harvard" Sweet
  • Anita Bramwell


  • Their opening sequence is a parody of the show "The Young Lawyers"