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The Muppets
— Mentions: "Not Without My Daughter", "Righteous Brothers", "Notapusy"

The Muppets are a franchise of puppet characters originally created by the Jim Henson Company. They are referenced several times in Arrested Development.

References to Muppets in Arrested Development[]


Michael: Hello. Oh, hey, George Michael. Uh, I’m sorry. In your pants? I’ll be right there. Um, my son has an emergency.

Detective Fellows: You know, there’s a Grover book: I Can’t Hold It In. Worked for us.  
From "Not Without My Daughter"

When Michael is being interviewed in a police station and George Michael gets arrested for shoplifting, Michael explains that he needs to leave, saying "my son has an emergency". Detective Fellows responds "you know, there's a Grover book, I Can't Hold It In. Worked for us." ("Not Without My Daughter")


On the Season Two DVD commentary for the episode "Good Grief" Will Arnett jokes that Jason Bateman doesn't know how to ride a bike. Mitchell Hurwitz, states that Jason was taught by the same people who taught Kermit how to rid in The Muppet Movie.

On the Season Two DVD commentary for "Ready, Aim, Marry Me" Mitchell Hurwitz said about David Cross: "David's character reminds me of Kermit sometimes, you look like a hand puppet sometimes."

In "Righteous Brothers" G.O.B. sings a song entitled "It Ain't Easy Being White" with his hand puppet Franklin as a parody of "Bein' Green", a song sung by Kermit on The Muppet Show and twice on Sesame Street (where Kermit first appeared).

Big Bird[]

Pope Impersonator: Pope Impersonator, Church. How has God influenced your life?

Maeby: About just as much as Big Bird and the Keebler elves.

Pope Impersonator: Well, my faith would’ve been shaken if He had taken my legs, too.  
From "Notapusy"

In the Season Three episode "Notapusy" Maeby attempts to win an Miss Inner Beauty pageant at the Church and State Fair. When a Church representative asks her "how was God influenced your life?" she answers, "Not as much as Big Bird and the Keebler Elves".

References to Arrested Development in the Muppet world[]

Sesame Street episode 4166 features "Max the Magician" a parody of Will Arnett's G.O.B.

In the LOST Slapdown video with Bobo the Bear and Rizzo the Rat, Bobo tells Damon Lindlof, "I loved you in Arrested Development" mistaking the writer for David Cross. (The writer's response was, "I am not David Cross!")

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