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The most important thing

The most important thing
Appearances: "Pilot", "Public Relations", "Making a Stand", "Development Arrested", "Flight of the Phoenix"

Michael and George Michael several times discuss "the most important thing." It transitions from "breakfast" to "family" to "George Michael's future" to "family" to "breakfast" to "privacy".


Michael: What comes before anything? What have we always said is the most important thing?

George Michael: Breakfast.

Michael: Family.

George Michael:Family, right. I thought you meant of the things you eat.  

 From "Pilot"

George Michael: But, Dad, you know, I might not get in [to the Milford School], either, and that wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Michael: We’re not even going down that road, okay. The next four years are all about your future, and that’s the most important thing to me, okay?  

 From "Public Relations"

Michael: I want to get you your own banana stand franchise, and you can have Steve work at it.

G.O.B.: You’d do that for me?

Michael: Yes. Yeah, you can design your own shack...

G.O.B.: Choose my own location?

Michael: Whatever you want. You’re gonna be 100% in charge, all right? But the most important thing is that we never let Dad turn us against each other again.

G.O.B.: Thanks, Michael.  

 From "Making a Stand"

Michael: What have I always said is the most important thing?

George Michael: Family.

Michael: I was going to say breakfast, but... why don’t we go over to Gangie’s, have a little of both.  

 From "Development Arrested"
4x01 Flight of the Phoenix (048)

Michael: George Michael, what is my logon password again?

George Michael: Dad, come on, what have we said is the most important thing?

Michael: I have tried family, it does not work for me.

George Michael: No, privacy.  

 From "Flight of the Phoenix"