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Tom Jane

Tom Jane is an actor whom Lindsay tries to attract
Actor: Himself — First Appearance: "The One Where They Build a House"

American actor Tom Jane appears as himself in the episode "The One Where They Build a House".

Character history[]

Season two[]

Lindsay meets him outside a liquore store and thinks he is a movie star due to his rugged good looks. She finds out he is homeless and dumps him. Later it is revealed that he really is a movie star, and is just dressed as a homeless man for a movie he's starring in called Homeless Dad. He is starring in Dad in order to please the studio so he can work on Junk.

While interested in him, Lindsay gets him a job at the Bluth Company construction site. ("The One Where They Build a House")


Tom Jane: I just want my kids back.  

 From "The One Where They Build a House"


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