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Tricks Around the Office

Tricks Around the Office
Appearances: "The Immaculate Election"

Tricks Around the Office is a video made by G.O.B. and Gary featuring G.O.B.'s illusions around the Bluth Company offices.


2x14 The Immaculate Election (43)

G.O.B. changing the time, in "The Immaculate Election"

G.O.B. discovered a "way to make money while working" and decided to use the Bluth family video camera to film him performing tricks around the office. He enlisted the help of Gary to film him. He also hired Ron Michaelson to play a part in the video. ("The Immaculate Election")

Illusions seen being filmed include:

  • Hidden dove illusion from a lunch bag
  • Changing the time on a clock with a handkerchief
  • Cutting a security guard's tie off


G.O.B.: I’m making a magic video. I’m going to tape myself doing tricks around the office. I’m calling it Tricks... let me finish... Around the Office. I figured out a way to make money while I’m working.

Michael: That is what we call working. Something you might want to try next time you’re at the office.  

 From "The Immaculate Election"

2x14 The Immaculate Election (42)

"What's "office magic?"", from "The Immaculate Election"

G.O.B.: What’s this? A stuffy office meeting? Well, maybe it’s time for a little office magic.

Ron Michaelson: What’s “office magic?”

G.O.B.: Sometimes it’s as simple as turning 10:45 in the morning into... lunchtime!

Michael: Okay.

Ron Michaelson: Why does lunch have to be so dull?

G.O.B.: Maybe you’d prefer some chicken instead.  

 From "The Immaculate Election"