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Multiple times during the series, characters hold up their index and middle fingers and emphasize the word "two."


  • Michael holds up two fingers when telling Wayne Jarvis that G.O.B. twice tried to microwave a ding dong still in its foil. ("Sad Sack")
  • After Michael says that Rita won a Silver Medal, she holds up two fingers as he emphasizes that it means second place. ("Notapusy")
  • Michael holds up two fingers when telling George Michael that Altitude is "the number two most read in all of coach." He holds up two fingers again when saying that he and George Michael will together have "two businesses." ("Flight of the Phoenix")
  • Michael says that the Bluth company is now on two floors. ("Taste Makers")
  • When Michael says B.S. Enterprises has a second meaning, he does this. ("Check Mates")