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Uncle Paul

Uncle Paul is Ann's friendly uncle
Actor: J.J. Wall — First Appearance: "Afternoon Delight" — Last Appearance: "Colony Collapse"

Uncle Paul Veal is Ann Veal's friendly and touchy uncle.

Character history

Uncle Paul in "Burning Love"

Season two

Uncle Paul was at the Veal family Christmas celebration and got uncomforably close to George Michael. ("Afternoon Delight") Uncle Paul also attended Ann's music burning party at the model house. ("Burning Love")

Season three

When George Michael Bluth was looking for Ann, he stopped by her house where her uncle told him that the earth was only one thousand years old and that dinosaur fossils were planted in the ground by the Jews. ("Development Arrested")

Season four

Uncle Paul is present at Ann's house when Ann accept's G.O.B.'s "proposal." He is also present at the Church of Holy Eternal Rapture for the wedding ceremony and witnesses G.O.B.'s failed Jesus' crucifixion illusion. ("Colony Collapse")


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