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Unexpected Company

"Unexpected Company"
Directors: Troy Miller — Writer: Hallie Cantor — Aired: March 15, 2019 — Icon-image      

"Unexpected Company" is the ninth episode of Arrested Development's fifth season.


After the July 2nd parade, many Bluths and Funkes gather at the model home for a Welcome Home From Jail party for Buster. Lucille and George discuss the fact that Sally Sitwell has won the election and supports the border wall. They need to pay back the Chinese investors the money and get out of the border wall. Meanwhile George Michael and Maeby discuss being $2 million in debt at Fakeblock. Rebel wants to invest in the company, but George Michael doesn't want to do that to his girlfriend. Maeby says he should just shut off his feelings for her, like she has learned to shut off her feelings for her parents and everyone else. George Michael calls her a sociopath while Maeby points out that he's the one still lying about his name and his company to Rebel.

Meanwhile, Tobias and Gob watch TV news about the parade in the living room. Gob hopes that Tony Wonder somehow survived the closet illusion, and worries that the Alliance will be mad at him if he says he's not gay, that it was all a trick. On TV, George Michael and Maeby see Gob's illusion with the paid protesters, and he wonders if he can scare Rebel away from Fakeblock with paid protesters. Maeby tells him about the Anonymous hackers who wear Guy Fawkes masks, and he finally figures out that the Anonymous note he received on Cinco was from them. They have been threatening him online for months. George Michael asks Gob if he can get paid protesters in Guy Fawkes masks for Fakeblock, and he agrees to help.

Finally Michael arrives and Lucille asks why he didn't bring Buster home. On TV, they all see Buster escaping with Oscar at the parade, and we learn that Oscar found out about Buster being in jail when Barry talked to him in Mexico. Lucille worries about Buster and George worries that Lucille 2 is really dead. Tobias pretends that he lost Murphybrown and Debrie at the parade, but actually they are hiding in the model home attic.

George tells Michael that the Bluth Company absorbed Sudden Valley when they forgot the debt, and that Michael is now co-president with Gob. He tells Michael to go through the books and look for money for the company. Buster and Oscar are still on the run, with their legs chained to each other and they leave the fake Vote for Sitwell staircar. Buster breaks his fake hand and they go to a Mother of God hospital to get a replacement.

In the garage, George tries to kill himself again, but Michael points out that the Prismo is an electric car and won't kill him with carbon monoxide. George complains about Lucille dating the lawyer/beach rat Dustin Radler. George decides to go find Buster to win Lucille back. Meanwhile Michael evaluates the Bluth Company finances while Adhir gives Gob treats like a dog trainer. Gob bought a 3D dental printer from the Two Hour Dental office that was on that floor, and Michael discovers shady dealings in the Bluth company. Adhir leaves and Gob quits, miscontruing a conversation with Adhir on his way out that leads to his decision to get Christian gay conversion therapy.

Buster and Oscar run into Stan Sitwell at the hospital and take him hostage, going to his condo at the retirement community. George Michael brings Rebel to Fakeblock, but the paid protesters are hot guys wearing fox masks, and Rebel thinks it's a joke. There are employees inside the office, like a typical tech company, and George Michael is surprised. At the beach cottage, George and Lucille argue about Dustin Radler and he leaves, trying to prove that he's fun and alive by renting a Zorb ball at the beach. Meanwhile Gob announces on TV that he's going into Christian gay conversion therapy.




  • Clayton Early as Protester #1
  • Joey Manderino as Protester #2
  • Georgia Mischak as Vanessa
  • Robert Miles as Mario
  • Mac Brandt as Coast Guard Phil
  • Mele Ihara as Coast Guard Janine
  • Frank Birney as Sam
  • Bill Lee Brown as Manny
  • Adam Ray as Al
  • David Willis as Lou

Recurring themes[]

On the next Arrested Development...[]

  • "George Sr., hoping his wife is watching, goes to the beach to have fun and soon finds himself having a ball. And G.O.B. goes on a religious program to be religiously reprogrammed."


  • Anonymous - The hacking group have been threatening George Michael and Fakeblock.
  • Betty White - Rebel Alley is friends with the actress.
  • The Simpsons - G.O.B. mentions Apu in his impression of Adhir. In 2017, there was controversy over Apu being a stereotype and the fact that his voice actor is white.
  • William Shatner - Buster thinks he saw William Shatner wearing safety hair.

Callbacks/Running Jokes[]

  • Air quotes - Lucille does air quotes when talking to George Sr. at the end of this episode, however, she isn't holding a drink like she is in "Ready, Aim, Marry Me". 
  • And As It Is Such, So Also As Such Is It Unto You makes an appearence at the end of the episode. 
  • Balls - Balls are a recurring theme in this episode. 
  • Balls in the Air plays over the footage of the Trump University. 
  • Is Tobias gay?
    • Tobias says: "Who knows what makes a guy think he can pass for straight? I mean if he really is gay he can try to hide it, but trust me, it will come out in the most unexpected balls", "Don't hold your balls kids, don't hold your balls on that" and "Roof balls!" Yet he doesn't realize he said balls.
    • Tobias defines himself as the "sticky white glue" that holds the family together
  • Banging your head in the attic - Tobias bangs his head on the attic rafters like George Sr. does in "Sword of Destiny". 
  • Banners - The "Welcome Home from Jail" banner has been adapted, with Buster's name crossed out then written again. 
  • Barry can't tell George and Oscar apart - Barry confuses Oscar for George Sr. as he does in "Borderline Personalities". 
  • Buster can smell Lucille - Michael mentions that Buster does "respond to her scent." Buster tells Michael this in "Sinking Feelings". 
  • Concerned about a fake hand - Oscar is concerned when Buster traps his fake hand in a door. In "Righteous Brothers", Oscar is concerned about the iron resting on Buster's fake hand. 
  • Cousin/Father - Buster calls Stan Sitwell this. In "Prison Break-In", he mentions "Uncle/Father Oscar" and "Father/Uncle Dad". 
  • Dangerous Cousins - A protestor tells Rebel Alley that it is his favorite movie. George Michael agrees with him. 
  • Firing G.O.B. - In this episode, G.O.B. quits but believes Michael has fired him. In "The Immaculate Election", Michael fired G.O.B. but G.O.B. believed that he fired Michael. 
  • For British eyes only - This jingle refers to "For British Eyes Only" episode. 
  • Forgive, not forget - George Sr. tells Michael that the Bluth Company forgave his debt, but didn't forgive it. This is mentioned in the letter Michael gets in "Self-Deportation" and is also said by Lucille in "Family Leave". 
  • Gob pronunciation- "Mother of God" hospital is pronounced wrong by Oscar, in the same way the name "Gob" is been pronounced wrong in previously episodes like "Rom-Traum". G.O.B. also mistakes "Son of God" for "Son of "G.O.B." in "Colony Collapse".
  • Handsome - Rebel tells George Michael that she's "never been attracted to handsome men." In "Blockheads", G.O.B. wonders why she is with George Michael because he's "not the world's most handsome guy".
  • How did I ever find you?  - This is the first time this song appears.
  • "Hurt people, hurt people" - This phrase refers to the episode "Self-Deportation".
  • Ignoring family - Tobias says he has nobody and ignores Maeby. In "Colony Collapse", G.O.B. feels that he has nobody but doesn't answer the phone when Steve Holt calls him.
  • Living in the attic - Tobias is living in the attic with DeBrie and Murphybrown. Michael and George Michael lived in the attic in "Pilot" and George Sr. lived in the attic in Season 2.
  • Lucille's cooking - Lucille mentions that she hates cooking. Buster references her serving cereal in an ash tray in "S.O.B.s".
  • Maritime law - The coast guard says there is no maritime law against having fun.
  • Outside, inside - In this episode, Oscar and Buster start using this method to walk.
  • Rite Aid Roof - The sentence "Rite Aide Roof as far as you can see" is a reference to the motive why Gob have acquires the new office in the episode "An Old Start".
  • Safety Hair - The safety hair that Sally Sitwell shows to her father in "Premature Independence" can be seen in the prosthetics room.
  • Snow cones - George Michael and Maeby eat snow cones at the start of the episode. George Michael gets given a snow cone by a Sudden Valley neighbor in "It Gets Better".
  • Suicidal Attempt - George Sr. manifests suicidal instincts, as in "Everyone Gets Atrophy" and in "Sinking Feelings".
  • Personal Expenses - Adhir asks G.O.B. if hiring protestors for his nephew is a personal expense, not a business one. In the "Pilot", Michael is sick of the family using the business to pay for personal expenses.
  • Wanting to hear yes - George Sr. thinks Michael has said yes to looking through the books. In "Colony Collapse", G.O.B. thinks George Michael has said yes to G.O.B. dating Ann and, in "Blockheads", he thinks George Michael has agreed to buying a house with "a much-vaunted yes."
  • What G.O.B. is for - George Sr. tells Michael that G.O.B. is there to do illegal things. In "Charity Drive", he tells Michael this when someone is needed to break into the permit office.

Hidden/Background Jokes[]

  • On the run - On Buster's sweater there's a logo that mirrors Oscar and Buster "On the run" situation. 
  • Trump University - Gob attended both "Saturday and Sunday semesters" at Trump University, and his parents spent 17K on it. We see Gob's graduation picture with a cardboard cutout of Trump.
  • Picture - There's a picture of Gob dressed as a worker in the Bluth office, indicating the episode "The One Where They Build A House"
  • Shirt - On Murphybrown's shirt there's written "Game of Cones"
  • Ball - At the stand for beach rentals under the section "Water ball" there's written "EXAGGERATED SUFFOCATION RISK"
  • Black and white - When the family watch Oscar and Buster's escape on TV, John Beard can be heard saying "You know, it's my least favorite era of comedy but maybe if they sped it up and put it in black and white..." This is what happened to the footage in "Premature Independence". 
  • A painting of George Sr. with a frozen banana can be seen in the Bluth company's conference room. 

Foreshadowing/Future References[]

  • George Bluth says "She (Lucille Austero) could be dead, and Buster will be charged with murder" and that's literally what happen during the next part of the season 





  • Lindsay doesn't appear in this episode

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