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I've been a big Arrested Development since the summer of 2004. I rented the DVDs in July and watched the entire first season in two days. Once I returned the DVDs, I went and bought my own set. I've watched it so many times the first disc is worn out. I avidly spread the word during the second and third seasons and still to this day I tell people about it.

Like many other fans, I quote the show nearly every day. 

I'm glad that so many more people have become fans and hope that we will see more AD soon!

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Character formatting

 | photo = 
 | name = 
 | description = 
 | actor =
 | first appearance =
 | last appearance =
 | name-first =
 | name-last =

'''Name''' is a description.

===Subheading 1===
===Subheading 2===

==Character history==
===Season four===

==Character-specific headings==


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