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"Visiting Ours"
Directors: Greg Mottola — Writer: John Levenstein & Richard Rosenstock — Aired: December 7, 2003 — Icon-image      

"Visiting Ours" is the sixth episode of Arrested Development's first season.

Michael sets up an "intimate conjugal visit" for his parents, while it is revealed that George Sr. had an affair with Kitty, his secretary who recently slept with G.O.B.. Tobias and Lindsay see a marriage counselor.


A conjugal visit

Michael visits his father at prison, but George is too preoccupied with a softball game to tell him the location of some international files. Michael leaves and vows to never return and instead asks Kitty about the whereabouts of the files. She is cagey with her answers as well, but shows an obvious attraction to a repulsed G.O.B.. Michael bribes G.O.B. to flirt with Kitty to get the information. He reluctantly takes her into the copy room of the Bluth Company office and they have sex.

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Michael arrives at home, happy that he never has to return to prison. He asks George Michael what he feels like doing and his son asks to visit George in prison. As they take the stair car to prison, George's softball game ends abruptly when an inmate attacks the guard/umpire. A timid George Michael is frightened by George who is suffering from shock. George settles down and tells Michael that he misses Lucille's company and that he is horny.

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Michael drives to Balboa Towers and awkwardly asks his mother to visit his father in a conjugal trailer. She agrees to do it if Michael agrees to upgrade her country club membership. At the trailers, George has secretly arranged for Kitty to meet him in a trailer the same time that Michael has arranged for Lucille to arrive. Michael agrees to hide his father's infidelity from Lucille if George gives up the location of the international files. G.O.B. leaves the prison after delivering a "strongly lettered word" to Warden James Buck and Michael asks him to stall Kitty while George and Lucille have their conjugal visit. G.O.B. agrees but is so repulsed by Kitty that he sneaks out the window. Warden Buck finds him and detains him against the window of his parent's trailer.

In front of the model home, George Michael expresses his worries about prison. Michael comforts him, telling him that his grandfather is very guilty and belongs in prison.

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Marital woes

Tobias and Lindsay see couples therapist Phil Gunty to try and work out some of their marital problems, namely Tobias' Never Nude affliction. Maeby trails them and is frightened by the thought of her parents divorcing. In the therapy session Tobias and Dr. Gunty participate in role playing while Lindsay sits and reads DogCandy.


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  • Bob Odenkirk as Phil Gunty
  • Ski Carr as Batter
  • Tom Kiesche as Umpire/Guard

Recurring Themes

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  • Oz - George Michael is afraid of visiting his grandfather in prison due to seeing an episode of the HBO series Oz at a young age. Oz was a fictional look at a maximum security New York prison. Pulling no punches, it routinely featured extremely coarse language, violence, murder, rape, etc., a far cry from the normally relaxed atmosphere of the Orange County Prison housing George Sr. is accustomed to.
  • Alias - Tobias's comment about having his own Alias-type show is a reference to the ABC spy series.
  • Friends - While Maeby is listening through the door to her parents' therapy session, we hear Dr. Gunty and Tobias mention David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston, and Lisa Kudrow, all cast members from the very successful American sitcom Friends.
  • House of Pies - House of Pies is a chain restaurant prominent in Los Angeles, and known for pies and other American cuisine. It is said to be a popular hangout for Hollywood writers, which may explain its inclusion in the show.
  • The Wizard of Oz - George Michael was shown to be a big fan of the film at a young age, as he prepares to watch it by wearing a hat like the Tin Man. The character is referenced again by Tobias in "S.O.B.s", although he calls him the Steel Man.

Callbacks/Running Jokes

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  • Affairs - This is the first time we learn of George Sr.'s many affairs while married to Lucille.
  • Bear - This is the first instance of a character referring to George Sr. as a bear, which was later returned to in "Let 'Em Eat Cake".  The French word for bear is ours, so the episode title may also be a reference.
  • "Family First" - George Sr.'s line "Family first" is first said by Michael in both "Pilot" and "Key Decisions".
  • G.O.B. Witnesses - This is the first time G.O.B. is forced to watch his parents have intercourse. The scene is later mirrored in the Season Two episode "Meat the Veals" and the Season 3 episode "Prison Break-In".
  • Horny - George Sr.'s "Daddy horny" line is later mirrored in Season 3 by Lucille in "For British Eyes Only", and then referenced again by Rita in "The Ocean Walker".
  • "I bleeped" - This is the first time G.O.B. says "I bleeped *name*" to announce that he has had intercourse with someone. The phrase later becomes an occasional running gag, appearing again next in "Shock and Aww".
  • Ice cream sandwich - The Bluth children's predilection for ice cream is well-documented in "Charity Drive", "Pier Pressure" and "Altar Egos". Lindsay and Tobias say they're going out for ice cream when they leave for a marriage counselor. Later in the episode, Michael grabs three ice cream sandwiches for himself, George Michael and George Sr. when they come to the prison.
  • Klimpy's - While George Michael and Maeby are watching television, we hear an advertisement for Klimpy's, the family-friendly chain restaurant that Lucille and Lindsay later visit in "Public Relations".
  • Repulsive - Kitty is first deemed "repulsive" by G.O.B. after taking her chair so as to set up an office for himself, and later on in the episode, George Sr. explains that he has done a "repulsive thing" which brings Michael to realize it is Kitty he has in a conjugal trailer.
  • Softball - George Sr.'s love of softball, first mentioned in "Key Decisions", is very prominent in this episode, as shown in the prison softball games. We later revisit the game again in Season Two's "Switch Hitter".
  • Stair Car - The stairway vehicle that the Bluths use is first introduced in "Key Decisions". This is the first time a prisoner attempts to escape by running up the stair car. It later happens again in "Prison Break-In".
  • Is Tobias gay? - Tobias and Dr. Gunty almost close out their 'role-reversal' performances with an agenda for each other...before Lindsay stops them at the last minute.
  • "Wonderful Things" - Michael says "He said some wonderful things" in regards to George Sr.'s statement, "Daddy horny". He says the same thing later to Lindsay in the Season 2 episode "The One Where Michael Leaves" about Tobias's line, "I just blue myself".

Hidden/Background Jokes

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  • DogCandy - While sitting in Dr. Gundy's waiting room, Lindsay is reading a magazine called DogCandy. The magazine headlines are: “The DogCandy Interview: Daisy,” “Just A Pup: Midwest Campus Beauties,” and “Don’t miss this months pictorial: Abby Esbona.” The marriage counselor’s office is also decorated with large number of dog-related items.
  • When Dr. Phil Gunty (Bob Odenkirk) announces he wants to become an actor he laughs in the same way as when Tobias announces that wants to be an actor in Season 1 episode "Pilot".

Foreshadowing/Future References

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  • Iraq - This is the first time that we are given insight into the serious nature of the charges against George Sr., as while looking for the International Accounts information, he tells Michael that he may have committed some "light treason".
  • Never Nude - In this episode, Tobias's inability to be nude (and his cutoff jeans) are presented directly for the first time, although they are not explained until "In God We Trust".
  • "Give Pop-Pop Your Hair" - George Sr., rattled from the Softball game, asks George Michael for his hair. This is a subtle future reference to George Sr.'s twin and less-bald brother Oscar, whose hair is used in many future episodes as part of George Sr.'s escapes from the law.


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  • Although this episode was broadcast as the sixth episode of the season, it was made as the fifth episode "Charity Drive" (and appears on the DVD as the fifth episode, too). While there's no lack of continuity, Kitty receives a more in-depth introduction in this episode.
  • Buster does not make an appearance during the episode.
  • This is the only appearance we see of Bob Odenkirk's character, marriage counselor Dr. Phil Gunty. Both Bob Odenkirk and David Cross were the stars and executive producers of the HBO sketch comedy series, Mr. Show with Bob and David.
  • This episode is rated TV-PG-DLV.


  • Cameraman Visible - In the scene where Dr. Gunty and Tobias almost kiss, as Lindsay stands up, a cameraman can be seen briefly.


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