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Wee Britain

Wee Britain is the British themed area of Orange County
Appearances: "For British Eyes Only", "Forget-Me-Now", "Mr. F", "The Ocean Walker"

Wee Britain is the British themed area of Orange County, where Rita Leeds and Uncle Trevor reside, covering roughly one street. The property is currently owned by Rita Leeds, who inherited from her parents (who were cousins).

Wee Britain is a sly reference to Orange County city Westminster, California, notable for its Tudor style public buildings and Olde English fonts on its street signs. Westminster, California attempted to become "sister cities" with Westminster, London in the 1980's but was rejected by the British.

Exteriors for Wee Britain appear to have been shot at Universal Studios, Holllywood.


3x02 For British Eyes Only (39)

Michael first sees Rita in "For British Eyes Only"

Michael visits Wee Britain to investigate his father's claims that he was set up by a British syndicate to build houses for Saddam Hussein. While attempting to retrieve files from the British Business Bureau, Michael met the lovely Rita and was instantly attracted to her. While asking her on a date, he was struck by Merry Poppuns. ("For British Eyes Only")

Rita and Michael met for a date at Fat Ammy's, the American style restaurant inside Wee Britain. Michael lied and told her he had no family as an attempt to protect their relationship from the inevitable insanity the Bluth family would cause. Outside, he is again hit by the Merry Poppuns. Later, after meeting the Bluths, Michael came clean to her about his family's legal troubles at Fat Ammy's. ("Forget-Me-Now")

Rita and Trevor discussed Rita's involvement with Michael at their apartment in Wee Britain. ("Mr. F") Later, after Trevor realized Michael won't recognize Rita to be an MRF, he forbids her from marrying him and locks her in the apartment. Michael comes and rescues her, but he is hit for a third time by the Poppuns. ("The Ocean Walker")

Locations and attractions[]

3x02 For British Eyes Only (37)

The Yellowfang pub, from "For British Eyes Only"

British aspects[]

3x02 For British Eyes Only (34)

A street sign in Wee Britain, from "For British Eyes Only"

Apart from simply containing British-themed attractions, it has other British quirks:

  • The area runs on the UK timezone, GMT.
  • Traffic drives on the left, switching over at the edges of the area.
  • The local vehicles also have a British theme, such as an abundance of Minis.
  • Much of the signage has a British theme, such as London Underground decals on walls.