Wetzel's Pretzels

Wetzel's Pretzels
First Appearance: "Self-Deportation" — Last Appearance: "Chain Migration"


Wetzel's Pretzel is a Pretzel stand in Mexico.


The stand is visited by George Michael and the Noahs when they want to get some Pretzel, here they meet another Noah. They all go to the movies together. ("Self-Deportation")

The three Noahs and George Michael go back to the stand, where they find another employee: Fernando. Fernando confronts George Michael, telling him the night before he had murdered, raped and joked. This convinces George Michael to go back to Newport Beach ("Everyone Gets Atrophy")

Barry says he peed in a Wetzel's bag. ("Rom-Traum")

Lucille and George Sr. go look for Buster at a mall where a Wetzel's Pretzels is visible. ("Chain Migration")


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