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White Power Bill

White Power Bill is an inmate at Orange County Prison
Actor: David Reynolds — First Appearance: "Key Decisions" — Last Appearance: "Missing Kitty"

  White Power Bill: White Power!
From "Key Decisions"

White Power Bill was an inmate at Orange County Prison with George Bluth. He was a hulking, bald white supremacist.

Character history[]

Season one[]

1x18 Missing Kitty (33)

White Power Bill and Tobias in "Missing Kitty"

When G.O.B. enters prison as a publicity stunt, he offends White Power Bill by performing a classic magic trick - pulling a coin from behind his ears. The nickname "dirty ears Bill" catches on, so Bill stabs G.O.B. in the courtyard. ("Key Decisions")

When Tobias enters prison to research his role of Frightened Inmate #2, George trades him for a pack of cigarettes to be White Power Bill's bunkmate. ("Staff Infection") Tobias manages to use his psychologist skills on White Power Bill to get to the root of Bill's problems. Bill discovers that he hates not his father but rather himself and commits suicide out of shame. ("Missing Kitty")


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