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Members of the Bluth family like to wink dramatically to emphasize points they're making. Michael Bluth (moreover Jason Bateman) is an accomplished winker and winks many times as a comedic technique.

  Narrator: She mistook the “drowsy eye” alcohol warning for a “winking-eye” alcohol suggestion.
From "Spring Breakout"


Lucille winks at Michael. ("Pilot")

Tobias winks at Maeby. ("Not Without My Daughter")

Lucille winks at Michael. ("The One Where Michael Leaves")

Michael winks over-the-top at his son. ("Afternoon Delight")

Barry winks at Michael under his eyepatch. ("Queen for a Day")

Tobias, as Mrs. Featherbottom winks at Michael. ("Meat the Veals")

Lucille mistakes the drowsy-eye alcohol warning for a "winking eye" alcohol suggestion. ("Spring Breakout")

George also winks at his medication. ("Spring Breakout")

Lucille winks at Michael. ("For British Eyes Only")

George tries to get his surrogate to wink, instead he just says "wink." ("Forget-Me-Now")

Lindsay winks at Michael. ("The Ocean Walker")

Rita winks at Michael. "Rita corney." ("The Ocean Walker")

Bob Loblaw winks at Treat. ("Making a Stand")

Michael winks at George. ("S.O.B.s")

Jan Eagleman winks at Michael. ("Fakin' It")

Michael winks at George. ("Development Arrested")

Lucille winks at Buster. ("Queen B.")

Lucille winks at Tobias. ("Queen B.")

Michael winks at Toddler. ("Family Leave")

Maeby winks at the camera. ("Saving for Arraignment Day")

Michael winks at George Michael. ("Courting Disasters")

Tobias winks at George Michael. ("Courting Disasters")

Michael winks at Buster ("Courting Disasters")