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" You'll Never Hear From Me Again "

" You'll Never Hear From Me Again "
Appearances: "Red Hairing"

"You'll Never Hear From Me Again" is a song that appears in Arrested Development . It was written by composer David Schwartz and Gabriel Mann. It appears on At Long Last... Music and Songs from Arrested Development.


  • The song plays when Lindsay first meets Herbert Love in the The Century Plaza while Marky Bark was preparing his litter bomb to destroy Herbert Love's campaign.
  • The song is heard again when Herbert Love and Lindsay are having dinner at The Ealing Club.


(Ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh...)

(My my my my my...)

[Verse 1]

Like ships in the night

We're gonna collide into each other

I got a waterbed

I wanna fill it with you instead

[Prechorus 1]

Now I respect your liberation

Come be my inspiration

I wanna take you for my wife

For almost one whole night


Don't worry, baby (don't you worry)

You'll never hear from me again

No, no! We'll make sweet love all night (all night)

And then you'll never hear from me agai-ai-ai-ain, again

(Oooooohooohhoh yeah)

[Verse 2]

You're like Billie Jean King

So hot (aw, yeah!), she's clean

Come check out my digs

I was just hanging out with Bobby Riggs

[Prechorus 2]

Now, one, you're married

Two, so am I!

I won't do you no harm, woman

Third time's the charm



Your phone won't ring

Your husband never needs to know

But if you call me, please don't talk to my wife

Don't talk to my wife!



 From "At Long Last... Music and Songs from Arrested Development"

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